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Social Distanced Mixology Class


We know there’s a lot of teams out there aching for a group stretch, a collective sigh, and maybe a little escape from the chaos of a couped-up work week… and right now it’s downright irresponsible (if not illegal in California) to convene in a physical space for that. So, TCC is coming to your workspace with an online Social (Distanced) Mixer! We send you a simple shopping list, and a TCC instructor will guide your team through a lineup of altogether spirited cocktails.

Through this course, everyone weaves their way through a series of cocktail-oriented trivia, tasks, and challenges as you wind down (and cheer up) over some mighty tasty home-made beverages. The best part of this new-age online cocktail cabaret? There’s no walk of shame!



There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

How to join:

This is a virtual event. Once you book, we will send you an email with all the details on how to join including a Zoom link.

What to bring:

Ingredient list:
- favorite spirit
- non-alcohol option: aloe juice
- Something sweet (this can be sugar, a liqueur, honey, anything that’s sweet)
- Something bitter (this can be a traditional bitters such as angostura, or it can be coffee, tea, citrus rind, even rosewater)
- Lemon or lemon juice
Optional ingredients:
(You can choose one or as many of these as you like. You may not use all of them, but it’ll give you options during class)
- Any berries
- Any herb (Example Herbs: cilantro, basil, rosemary, lavender, roses, etc.. these can be fresh or dried)
- Any spice (Example Spices: cayenne, pepper, paprika, coriander, start anise, etc...)
We also like to incorporate healthful ingredients such as: activated charcoal, super green powder, vegetable juice...
Tools you will need:
- something to measure ounces with
- ice
- glass of your choice
- spoon
- 16oz glass
- knife
- cutting board

Customer Reviews

Aly T.

Super fun and informative! We learned how to make an old fashion, a gin drink, and a sparkling tequila - we all feel like a pro.

Shinae L.

We just had our virtual cocktail-making class with the Cocktail Camp for a virtual company retreat, and had such a fun time while learning a lot! Our instructor Nora did an amazing job of making sure we could all follow along with what she was doing, and explained the drink's components in a way that helped us newbies understand. It was also really fun to learn a bit about the history of cocktails!

On the logistics side, Rohini was really easy to work with, and gave us a detailed list of supplies we'd need to make cocktails from home.

Everyone really loved the class, and had lots of fun! I highly recommend the Cocktail Camp's virtual mixers/team building to any company looking for something fun to do during stay-at-home times.

Cancellation Policy


No cancellation allowed.

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