Art Heist Street Team


San Francisco Bay Area


1.5 hr

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8 days

San Francisco Bay Area

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What you'll do

A notorious art thief is at it again. Your team is going undercover to intercept the art hand-off. Follow the trail of clues planted by the thief to prove yourselves and recover the stolen artwork. Solve playful puzzles, complete challenges, and gain the trust of the art thief.

The art thief messages your team with instructions on where to find clues. When your Street Team arrives at the drop location, you find a series of clues, puzzles or challenges. Once completed, the art thief sends you to the next rendezvous point. But act inconspicuous, you never know who’s watching….

Explore the city, outsmart the art thief, and win!

This game can be played fully in-person or as a hybrid event with some players in-person and a few remote operatives. Remote player(s) will be sent a packet of vital clues to help with the day.

We currently have locations scouted out for San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, and Mountain View, CA.


Art Heist Street Team

3 to 120 people • 1.5 hr


Your team will be working together to solve the puzzles and follow the Art Thief's trail.


$1,000 minimum

meet at your location

Delivery information

Only the remote operative(s) will be shipped a package. Shipping is included for domestic US Operatives, $80 per remote operative for non-USA.

The kit includes puzzles and clues for six puzzles as well as a map of the area that the Street Team will be exploring.

How to join

This is an in-person event at your location. Your host will travel to your location and set everything up.


We can host this event in any walkable city area.

Locations we've scoped out include: Dolores Park area, SF; Union Square area, SF; SOMA, SF; Castro Street, Mountain View.

We're also happy to scope out new locations or even create the game in your company's campus. As long as the locations are in walkable neighborhoods with points of interest in the SF Bay Area (SF, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, etc)

What to bring

In-Person Team: You'll be walking around. Please wear walking shoes, bring sunscreen, and make sure your cell phones are fully charged. We'll provide everything else.

Remote Operative: You'll be supporting your Street Team as the Remote Operative. Please be at your computer with your Remote Operative Package. You'll be getting a lot of information, it might be useful to have some table space to spread your documents out.


All our facilitators are fully vaccinated. Most of this event will be held outdoors in small groups. Game facilitators can wear masks upon request. We designed this experience to accommodate all levels of risk tolerance. Remote agents still play a vital part of the team at home, so for guests who are not comfortable with being IRL, please choose that option.

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Cancellation Policy


Grace period: free cancellation within 24 hours of booking deposit (Unless booked within 48 hours of the event start time). After that, cancel at least 14 days prior to the event to receive a full refund (minus service fee).

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