Battle of the Bells: A Live Holiday Game Show - NYC


New York City


30 min - 1 hr

Lead time

6 days

New York City

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What you'll do

A fast-paced, fun live trivia event unlike anything you’ve played before!
Get your team together and ring in the holidays with Battle of the Bells: A live Holiday Game Show! Transform your office into a game show stage where you and your co-workers will go head-to-head in games that challenge your general knowledge, logic, problem-solving, and creativity!

Battle of the Bells is hosted by a dynamic duo of live professional actors who will bring a true game show experience directly to you! Which team will reign supreme and win the Battle of the Bells Trophy? Only the bells will tell!

Your team will battle for brainy victory with an assortment of games and challenges.


Quick Holiday Game Show (30 min)

4 to 200 people • 30 min


A little pop of fun in your busy work day! This super short 30-min game show is perfect to kick off or wind down after a long day of meetings and gets everyone in the holiday spirit.


$300 minimum

meet at your location

Holiday Game Show (60 min)

4 to 200 people • 1 hr


Dive in for an hour of healthy holiday competition!


$300 minimum

meet at your location

How to join

This is an in-person event at your location. Your host will travel to your location and set everything up.


We will travel to your location (office conference room, at a space you've rented, or at a restaurant/bar). No travel fees within the five boroughs of New York City. Travel fees may apply outside this region.

Please let us know if the location has any AV capabilities and what the layout of the space is. Preferably, we would like to have one or two tables up front and chairs either around the rim of the room or placed in small clusters (5-10 chairs per cluster).

We will need approx 30 minutes before the event to set up, for everyone to have a jolly good time!

What to bring

Bring your game faces and get ready to have a really fun time!


All our hosts are fully vaccinated, and we can wear masks if requested.

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Cancellation Policy


Grace period: free cancellation within 24 hours of booking deposit (Unless booked within 48 hours of the event start time). After that, cancel at least 14 days prior to the event to receive a full refund (minus service fee).

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