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What you'll do

Enjoy a memorable time with your team crafting a fun, tasty, and creative boba beverage with seasoned experts Julian and Lorenzo.

Boba drinks have rocketed in popularity since the 1980s. Boba tea (or bubble tea) is a delicious sweet drink characterized by signature tasty additions like tapioca pearls, popping boba, grass jelly, lychee, aloe, ice cream, cheese foam, ube pudding, and more!

In this entertaining and interactive event, your soon-to-be favorite bobarista duo will teach you how to craft your own boba beverage, including adjusting sweetness, strength of tea/coffee, and how to create the classy aesthetic of brown sugar milk tea.

Guests can choose from caffeinated or decaffeinated options of tea or coffee. All choices support small businesses.

Our high-quality boba kits make 3-4 servings.

What's included in each kit

- Phoenix Oolong specialty, single-origin black loose-leaf tea in teabags or a tasty herbal decaf tea OR Brazil Cerrado Mineiro regular medium roast or Colombia Huila decaf dark roast, specialty roasted fresh per order, medium-grind.
- Boba straws
- Highly-reviewed dry tapioca pearls that develop a chewy-firm texture upon following our cooking instruction!
- Dark brown turbinado sugar
- Instruction card


Boba (Dry Pre-cooked Pearls)

All group sizes • 1 hr • Kit delivery


Kit makes 4 servings. Includes highly-rated, pre-cooked dry tapioca pearls, premium choices of tea or medium-grind coffee, dark brown turbinado sugar, 2 boba straws, recipe card. No pre-event prep required.


$260 minimum

includes shipping cost

Boba (Uncooked Pearls)

All group sizes • 1.5 hr • Kit delivery


Kit makes ~3-4 servings. Includes premium uncooked (dry) tapioca pearls, premium choice of tea or medium-grind coffee, dark brown turbinado sugar, 2 boba straws, recipe card. No pre-event prep required.


$260 minimum

includes shipping cost

Delivery information

We ship these kits within the U.S. and have alternative delicious options for guests in Canada. US shipping is included. Shipping to Canada will be an additional $15/kit. We potentially can ship to the UK for an extra cost per kit, just reach out to us to inquire.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring


- Milk of choice (higher-fat milk is best for frothing, for e.g. whole milk or Oatly barista blend)
- Fork & spoon

- Tablespoon
- Colander/strainer to strain boba with
- 1 small/medium-sized bowl to hold cooked boba
- Pot with lid or deep pan with lid
- Three Glasses -- Two heat-resistant glasses for brewing up ingredients and another (stylish) glass to enjoy your final beverage in.


- Stove
- Method of boiling water


- Ice (if desired)
- Method for frothing milk (if desired, not required) --- a French press, mixer shaker, electric whisk and bowl, milk frother, etc.

If COFFEE option is chosen:

- Method to brew medium-grind coffee, like a coffee drip pot, pour-over, French press, reusable Keurig-cup (or if you don’t have a method to brew coffee, you can manually brew coffee in one of the glasses)

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This is was great! Both I and I had great time learning and making our Bobba coffee/tea. Thank you.




Our instructor was so pleasant and fun. I had a great experience with Offsyte and will definitely be sharing this company with my friends!

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Julian was a fantastic host and clearly knows a lot about coffee and tea. This was my first time having boba tea and I really enjoyed this event.

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