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Bring out the aspiring artist in you, and learn to create a beautiful painting from a professional artist. With some Cold Brew to go along and a paintbrush in your hand, you can have loads of fun catching up with your friends and colleagues while creating artwork that will serve as a keepsake to cherish these special moments.

We will ship an art kit plus an artisan Cold brew variety pack to your door, and our professional artists will guide you step by step and help you create a fun painting. Choose one from a portfolio of possible paintings to create with your group.

Our Cold Brew pack includes freshly made Roast #1 (Dark Roast), Roast #3 (Light Roast), and a select Seasonal roast.


Canvas & Cold Brew

Up to 40 people1 hour • Kit delivery


Enjoy an hour of painting instruction from our professional artist, and receive a kit with all art supplies plus an Artisan Cold Brew variety pack (three 8-oz bottles).


includes shipping cost


We can deliver to the US only, and the listing price includes U.S. shipping. Please leave two weeks lead time for shipping.

We will ship all the art supplies you need (paints, brushes, canvas, etc) as well as the three 8oz bottles of Cold Brew.

Please keep the bottles in the fridge as soon as you receive them to maintain freshness.

How to join

This virtual event is hosted exclusively on Zoom.

We will send you a link in your booking confirmation email.

What to bring

- Paper towels
- Two plastic cups or containers with water to clean your brushes
- A paper or plastic plate for the paints
- A cup with ice for your cold brew

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