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What you'll do

Can there be a better pairing than chocolate and coffee? Both are grown in similar parts of the world, the cacao and coffee beans have a lot in common, and the taste of each is enhanced by the other. Join one of our coffee educators for this 60 minute class where you’ll discover secrets to tasting chocolate and coffee, and how a pairing of them works!

This class is a great option to get into the holiday season mood, and a great gift for those who love coffee and those who love chocolate - and it’s especially fun for team-building or with prospective customers. You’ll be working with the our Coffee Kit that comes with your purchase of this class: it includes three hand-selected coffees from around the world, sampling cups, tasting forms, and a detailed flavor wheel. You'll also receive three carefully curated chocolates from Brooklyn-based Chocolate paired to go with the coffee.

Your educator will introduce you to the bring-to-your-body-temperature chocolate-tasting technique, and the side-by-side coffee tasting technique that pros use (no coffee maker required!). You’ll taste the chocolates by themselves, the coffees by themselves and then both together as a pairing. At the very end is the big reveal, when your educator shares the origin and profile of each coffee and chocolate. You’ll leave this class appreciating both chocolate and coffee in a whole new way, and there'll be plenty extra of each to enjoy after the class too!

What's included in each kit

- Necessary cups and forms
- 3 pre-measured coffees
- 3 bars of chocolate
- Additional Coffee Explorer Box to be enjoyed after the tasting
- Grind sample (for whole beans)

Note: typically everything is shipped together however, for certain warmer zip codes, coffee and chocolate will ship separately.


Chocolate and Coffee Tasting Class

Up to 300 people • 1 hr • Kit delivery


Learn to taste chocolate and coffee like an expert, and pair them for a fantastic new taste.


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Delivery information

We can ship anywhere in the US and internationally as well. The listing price includes tax and shipping within the US. Delivery occurs up to 10 days before the event day.

Shipping outside the US will incur an additional fee and will include necessary customs/duties so that the guest does not have to do or pay anything. It's $65 extra per kit. We require 21 days lead time for international shipping.

Note: International shipping delays have been very unpredictable, so we cannot guarantee that they will arrive in time for the tasting via regular shipping. In the event that any international kits arrive late, those participants are of course still welcome to follow along during the tasting. If you would like to expedite your international packages, we offer expedited international shipping for $120 per kit.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

- Kettle or pot to heat 30oz / 1L water
- Two spoons
- Two mugs
- A coffee grinder is preferred but not required

*Guests do not need coffee maker or brewer*

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What a great event. Our host was absolutely amazing too and kept us on track to complete the activity :)




I had a ton of fun! And as someone who was already a bit of a "coffee snob," I enjoyed learning about how the flavor profiles are formed and how to enhance/soften certain aspects of it. I definitely think it'll make an impact on what kinds of coffee I buy and how I enjoy it!

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Our class was very enjoyable! I learned a lot about coffee and chocolate (yum) and our instructor was fun and provided a lot of good information and tips for enjoying both! Thanks again for your flexibility in working with us to make this happen!

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Lots of fun and interesting information

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