Cinnamon Buns with Buttermilk Icing

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1.5 hr

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6+ days

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What you'll do

In this hands-on class, you'll watch and cook with pro chefs who will guide you through making Cinnamon Buns from prep to finish. Your chef instructor will have two cameras, so you will have a clear view as they are demonstrating the recipe techniques. Another chef will be there to answer questions as you cook along at home.

Choose from all-included ingredient delivery, or class-only with a shopping list that guests can use to purchase their own ingredients. Ingredient kits serve 2 people and include all the ingredients you need, except for salt and pepper.

Our recipe and ingredient kits can be customized for vegans, vegetarians, and guests with gluten-free or dairy-free diets.

About us:
We’re a woman-owned business founded in 2019, proudly based in Charleston, SC.

What's included in each kit

The kit includes:
- Unsalted butter
- Dark brown sugar
- Granulated sugar
- Ground cinnamon
- Ground cloves
- All-purpose flour
- Baking powder
- Baking soda
- Buttermilk
- Cream cheese
- Confectioners sugar


Class only

All group sizes • 1.5 hr


Learn to make Cinnamon Buns with a Buttermilk Icing from two pro chefs. Guests receive a shopping list that they can use to purchase their own ingredients.


$350 minimum

no delivery involved

Class + Ingredient Delivery

All group sizes • 1.5 hr • Kit delivery


Learn to make Cinnamon Buns with a Buttermilk Icing from two pro chefs. Ingredient kit serves 2 people, and includes all the ingredients you need.


$1,550 minimum

includes shipping cost

Delivery information

For our all-included option with ingredient delivery, we can ship within the US, and US delivery is included in the price. Ingredient kits are delivered 1-5 days before the event via Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, or Instacart.

International guests outside the US can join as class-only with a shopping list.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

Bring your kit, or the items from the provided shopping list, if you are doing class-only, plus:

- Salt
- Non-stick cooking spray
- Oven
- 9-inch non-stick cake pan
- Rimmed baking sheet and parchment paper
- Wire rack
- Small bowl
- Large bowl
- Measuring cups and spoons
- Whisk
- Wooden spoon or spatula
- Offset metal spatula (optional)
- Fork
- Pastry brush
- Apron (optional, but recommended)

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DoiT - International

I really enjoyed the experience



DoiT - International

Thanks for the fun activity! The cinnamon buns turned out delicious and I am excited to try them again with different variations!




Loved it! Super fun activity and the buns were delicious!




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