Cocktail Party Murder Mystery Game

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What you'll do

Murder mystery party meets escape room: solve puzzles while interrogating the suspects in this fun, interactive made-for-Zoom experience. This game is hosted by a team of five trained performers who will guide the players throughout the evening - if you can trust a thing they say….

You are cordially invited to Patchwork Detective Agency’s Cocktail Party! This is sure to be a great night, including icebreakers, mingling, general revelry… and a devious murder! It's up to your group to work together to interrogate suspects, solve puzzles, and find clues to identify the criminal before they can strike again.

Can you figure out whether the murderer was Bravo Trophy with a poisoned trophy or Charlie Deco with the extreme disco balls or Alpha DJ with the heart-stopping tunes?

The game uses several of Zoom’s advanced features to make the experience feel special. Players will move through various interrogation rooms, share what they’ve learned with the full group, and figure out who murdered Detective X.

This event is maxed out at 60 participants per game, but if your team is larger than 60, we can run multiple concurrent games.

We also offer packages with individual party packs for your guests, for extra fun!

What's included in each kit

- A party invite and party materials packed in a hand painted party box, including:
- Party decorations: gold swirl with star, tiny disco balls, gold bead necklaces, balloons of various colors, tinsel party blower, gold stars and plastic gemstones, tinsel wall backdrop
- A plastic champagne glass
- Detective disguises: a felt fake mustache, a detective nametag with your Patchwork Detective Name
- Puzzle components: a tiny envelope with "Do not open until told to do so", a small red reveal magnifying glass, sticky notes, and a motivational poster or talent club poster


Murder mystery game

5 to 60 people • 1.5 hr


A great night, including icebreakers, mingling, general revelry… and a devious murder!


$960 minimum

no delivery involved

Murder mystery + party pack add-on

5 to 60 people • 1.5 hr • Kit delivery


Murder Mystery Game + we will send party kits to all the participants, including: decorations, balloons, plastic champagne cups, Patchwork Detective Agency name tags, puzzle components etc. (International shipping costs extra).


$1,440 minimum

includes shipping cost

Delivery information

For our package options with delivery, US delivery is included. International shipping is an additional cost per kit, based on location.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

Suggested dress is “detective smart” and we highly recommend having a fun beverage of your choice to toast the Detective of the Year.

How to prepare

Even if you’re in the same conference room, every participant should join on their own device.

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Very fun!

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Actors really brought the energy. We were impressed with how well they stayed in character. Clues/ challenges were just the right level of hard. My team had a blast!




So much fun!

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