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What you'll do

In this 60-minute class, you’ll brew cold coffee in 2 ways and taste them side by side: cold brew (brewed 16 hours before the class) and iced coffee in the Aeropress or Pour-over (brewed in the class).

In this guided class led by one of our expert hosts, participants will brew iced coffee using an Aeropress or Pour-over and taste it next to Cold brew. They’ll gain an increased awareness of how cold coffee can taste when brewed slowly as cold brew vs quickly.

Note - pre-brewing is required to enjoy the event fully (16 hours before, participants will need to brew the cold brew coffees, using the instructions included in box).

Each guest receives an Aeropress or Pour over equipment, Cold Brew Explorer Box, and a Coffee Explorer Box.

For iced coffee, decaf participants get 2 lbs of a delicious single-origin decaf coffee. Unfortunately, no decaf options are available for cold brew. For Aeropress, guests can choose between whole beans or ground coffee.

What's included in each kit

Kit includes:
- 3 x 3oz ready-to-brew cold brew coffees from around the world, each with a unique taste profile, to brew in preparation for the class - each comes in its own jar for brewing.
- A Coffee Explorer Box (20 oz - 5 x 4 oz), featuring five coffees from around the world for iced coffee, to brew during the class, as well as to enjoy after the class.
- A Cold Brew Explorer Box (18 oz - 3 x 6oz), featuring an additional 6 oz bag of each cold brew profile for guests to enjoy after the class.

*Depending on the package, guest receive either:
- An Aeropress brewer
- Pour-over equipment (Hario V60 brewer, Hario scale with timer, Hario gooseneck kettle)


Cold Brew + Iced Coffee with Aeropress

Up to 100 people • 1 hr • Kit delivery


Brew cold coffee in 2 ways and taste them side by side: cold brew (brewed 16 hrs before class) and iced coffee in the Aeropress (brewed in the class). Includes a Cold Brew Explorer Box & Coffee Explorer Box, with an Aeropress brewer.


includes shipping cost

Cold Brew + Iced Pour-Over

Up to 50 people • 1 hr • Kit delivery


Brew cold coffee in 2 ways and taste them side by side: cold brew (brewed 16 hrs before class) and iced coffee as a pour-over (brewed in the class). Includes Cold Brew Explorer Box, Coffee Explorer Box, and pour-over kit.


includes shipping cost

Delivery information

We can ship anywhere in the US. The listing price includes tax and shipping within the US. Delivery occurs up to 10 days before the event day. Due to electrical components involved, we are unable to ship internationally.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

Pre-class prep:
16 hours before the event, brew the three cold brews, following the instructions included in the box.

What you need to taste Cold brew:
- The three jars with finished cold brew & mesh bags
- 1 plate
- 4 cups
- 1 cup of water
- 1 spoon per participant (soup spoon or teaspoon)
- pen or pencil for taking notes

What you need to make iced coffee:
- Coffee of your choice from the Coffee Explorer Box
- Kettle or pot to heat water
- 2 cups
- Tablespoon (Aeropress only) or kitchen scale
- Ice
- A coffee grinder is preferred but not required
- The pourover equipment (brewer, scale & kettle) or Aeropress that you received in your kit

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