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Complete Coffee Workshop + Scavenger Hunt

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the session was engaging and informative. Learned something new and had fun with people I did not have a chance to spend some social time together for a long time. really appreciated





With over 10 years of professional coffee experience, Enzo and Julian become your virtual barista duo.

In 60 minutes, we take your team through a professional cupping, tasting, original recipe demonstration from our barista, unique trivia-meets-scavenger hunt game, surprise ending, and Q&A, all while educating your team about the nuances of coffee.

What is a light roast? Which coffee has more caffeine? What makes one roast taste different from the next? Why is some coffee so expensive and some so cheap? What does Fair Trade actually mean? Coffee Belt?- Is that something that holds clothing up?

Let’s build an amazing team experience around a beverage that millions enjoy daily. We will reconnect, refresh, caffeinate, and empower your team.



All group sizes • 1 hr


We take your team through a professional cupping, tasting, education, original recipe creation, unique trivia-meets-scavenger hunt game, surprise ending, and Q&A. BYO coffee. Includes our original eBook and coffee freebies/prizes.


$100 minimum

no delivery involved


All group sizes • 1 hr • Kit delivery


Taste and make coffee along with us in this interactive workshop. Includes a full 12-oz bag of coffee from small coffee businesses.


$220 minimum

includes shipping cost

Coffee + french press

All group sizes • 1 hr • Kit delivery


We will guide you in making amazing french press coffee together in this workshop. Includes a French press and a 4oz. bag of single-origin specialty coffee that is roasted and ground fresh for your event.


$320 minimum

includes shipping cost

Custom-label coffee + french press

All group sizes • 1 hr • Kit delivery


French press workshop. We use your logo to customize a premium, fresh, single-origin, specialty 12oz coffee bag which we can ship with a french press to all attendees.


$600 minimum

includes shipping cost


For the option with shipping, we will need a list of shipping addresses. Shipping is already included in the listing price.

For the option without shipping, some or all of your team may be eligible to win free coffee prizes, for which we will need their addresses after the event. If you cannot provide these or do not have a central location from which you can distribute/"re-ship" these prizes to the participants, we can change the prizes to not require shipping.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

Bring a cup of coffee. For the option with shipping, bring a cup of the coffee we ship you.

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17 reviews




Great experience, it definitely energised my day haha




I really enjoyed the information and the interaction with the class.




Loved it. Could have been shorter.



Reality Labs

Loved it. The milk frothing trick is going to be a big hit.

Not 5 stars because participants (like me) were overly featured and I was hoping to get more direct insight into making my brew better.

Things to add - how do we adjust steeping/brewing time for different roasts? What about the roast where they don't clean the bean (leave a little coffee cherry on there), or the deal where you brew up the dried coffee cherries to add back in (went to a organic plantation in Costa Rica where that was a feature of the particular grower... so curious about how that lands elsewhere).



Genentech Inc

Great enthusiastic, fun, knowledgeable coffee experts!

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