Virtual Woodworking To Unleash Your Creativity

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1.5 hr - 2 hr

Lead time

8 days

Kit delivery


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Any platform

What you'll do

Build creative skills with your team!

Unleash your creativity: Over Zoom, we will unbox our kits together, and explore creativity as an essential tool, not just in woodworking, but in our professional and personal lives. Learn our four step process to build creative confidence and leave with practical strategies to use your creativity in any situation.

Connect with your team: we know that strong teams make all the difference. In the era of remote work, building and maintaining a sense of connection within your team can be challenging. This workshop is designed to bring teams together and give them a road map to support each other with enthusiasm, a resilient spirit and, of course, creativity!

Make something real: we dug deep into our wood shop cabinets to create the secret sauce of this workshop - the Creativity Kit. Filled with materials, hardware and curiosities, each participant will use their creativity to build something new from scratch out of wood. Designed to put creativity to the test, the Kits provides a fun, hands on way for all participants to practice their skills and leave with a unique creation all their own!

What's included in each kit

- Curated selection of wood pieces
- Hardware
- Adhesives
- Other secret materials designed to get your brain working and creative juices flowing!


Workshop + kit

All group sizes • 2 hr • Kit delivery


Designed to put creativity to the test, each participant will build something new from scratch out of wood.


$760 minimum

includes shipping cost

More packages available

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Delivery information

US shipping is included.

Add $20 per international kit.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

A piece of paper and a pencil or pen

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Course Hero

I enjoyed the experience. However, for the offsyte I'd feel it should require less brain cells. :)




Loved the background on product design/being creative!




Really fun workshop! I got to build a phone stand, which is now sitting on my desk and already being put to use. So cool, and very fun experience.




Incredibly underwhelming




This event was so fun in such a surprising way! I didn't expect it to be so open-ended & was originally really thrown off without an obvious plan to follow, but it made it that much more satisfying to create something with my hands!

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