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Escape the Zoom


Escape the Zoom is a customizable puzzle game where teams might have to call a phone number, that leads them to a website, that leads them to an Instagram post that leads them to an email address....

In this game, your team plays a team of detectives who have been hired by a client who was kidnapped and locked inside a room. The client (your host) has some information and locked boxes and you must tell them how to escape from the room.

Teamwork, communication and creative problem solving are required.

We can customize the game to your company: using your logo, your product, or your company’s values.

Players are split into teams of 5-10 players to compete for the best times. During the event, your host will split the group up into teams to work with individual team facilitators.



There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

How to join:

This is a virtual event. Once you book, we will send you an email with all the details on how to join including a Zoom link.

Customer Reviews

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Jake W.


Amazing experience. I've done escape rooms that are really hard and this one was just hard enough to be really fun. Hosts were kind and funny!

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Michele B.


The Virtual Escape Room was fun and engaging and a great way for remote workers to connect outside of work.

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Yvonne D.


Thanks so much for organizing this for us. Everyone loved it and I most of all appreciate the feedback and images.

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Vani B.

Service Now

I got feedback from the team that it was a lot of fun, and they enjoyed the game.

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Maria S.

Columbia University

It was one of the most enjoyable activities I have done during this time. We were all in different time zones but were still able to put our heads together and problem-solve through the puzzles, and we finished in under an hour! One of the best ways to reconnect with my friends, which I didn't realize how much I missed. Thank you for organizing this creative activity.

Cancellation Policy


Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking confirmation, up to 48 hours before the event start time. After that, cancel up to 14 days before the event and get a full refund, minus the booking fee.