Aliveness: A Play-Based Exploration Into the Stories We Tell

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Stories. We are defined by them. We relate to one another and the world through them. And we create, shift and grow by reflecting on (and sometimes recreating) our stories.

They are the bedrock for how we show up – to ourselves and each other.

The fantastic news? Exploring the stories we tell can be connective and illuminating – and a whole lot of fun!

Let's gather for some play and creative discovery together - through improv-inspired exercises, writing prompts, and facilitated dialogue. And unearth our stories together.

If you had to tell your life story in one minute, what would you say?

When invited to share fun facts about yourself, in a gamified fashion – what might emerge?

What does it feel like to reframe a disempowering story you have on repeat, through a 'once upon a time' storytelling format?

What you can expect: Connective exercises that are intentionally chosen to pull the group in and out of comfort zones together, in order to stretch brilliantly into generative creativity and authentic hang time.

The session is great for people who think joy is cool and connection is paramount.



8 to 20 people • 1 hr


Ignite connection and team engagement through the power of storytelling, creativity and shared reflection. This session is designed to build synergies and lasting partnerships among teams of all shapes and sizes.


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There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

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This virtual event is hosted exclusively on Zoom.

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What to bring

Come as you are and bring all of you!

- paper
- pens/pencils
- hydrating beverage
- comfortable clothes to relax and enjoy

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Jewel Branding & Licensing, Inc.

Fun and engaging way to see others' stories.



Jewel Branding & Licensing, Inc.




A fun and impactful session, bringing improv exercises to teach awareness, active listening and openness to change. The host understood our business objectives and delivered on all our goals with positive energy and humor. I highly recommend her for team building and enhancing corporate culture.




The way the host held space for the students to play and share with each other was wonderful. Her energy was contagious and her professional networking framework was impactful and very well received.



Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership

Not only was host's content impactful, her creativity shone through with her program design and the various breakout exercises. Participants deepened their learning and had the chance to practice and apply new skills. Thank you for your collaboration and energy!

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