Fear the Yokai - A Chilling Escape Room



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The Yokai of Japan are mischievous and monstrous creatures who terrorize those that encounter them. Learn the tale of one such Yokai who has threatened a small village in rural Japan. Can you stop the creature and rescue the captured villagers?

Puzzle Challenge Level 7/10

Fear the Yokai is a unique virtual escape room that can be enjoyed by your entire remote team! Bring everyone together on Zoom and use your browser to manipulate puzzle pieces and uncover clues collaboratively. A Game Master will aid teams through their adventure as they explore a small haunted Japanese village to retrieve missing villagers.

The software is accessed through any browser on a laptop or desktop computer. Groups larger than 10 will be split up into smaller teams. Teams can be preassigned or randomized.

What’s Included:
- Private escape room with 1 live Game Master per team of 10
- 60 Minutes of Challenging Escape Room Puzzles
- Ability to do a custom live intro (or outro) from a VIP


Escape Room - 2 Game Masters

11 to 20 people • 70 min


Follow the siren song of a fabled Japanese monster, a Yokai, to find the lost villagers. Uncover clues and solve puzzles with your team to escape.


$200 minimum

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This virtual event is hosted exclusively on Zoom.

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Bring your Laptop, or use your Desktop computer (mobile devices are not recommended).

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