Good-bye Small Talk, Hello Connection!

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There was so much I never knew about my teammates that I was able to learn about in this conversation. Our facilitators were awesome and helped to foster the communcation. I think this is a great way to have teammates connect in a meaningful way outside of day-to-day work.

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Most of the value that we reap from offsite experiences comes from the *conversations* that happens during (and hopefully after!) the experience. So let’s take a moment outside of our day-to-day work and dive right into a conversation that connects your group meaningfully!

Each conversation is an opportunity to deepen a relationship, learn something new or share a laugh.

Here's how it works:

1. You choose one of our signature topics to serve as the "anchor" for our conversation. (Refer to the two most popular options, below!)

2. When the session begins, we'll kick off with a fun exercise that gets everyone participating and engaged.

3. For the main activity, we use a combination of Break-Out rooms and Main Room conversation to spark a dynamic and engaging exchange of stories and ideas. We design question prompts that get everyone talking, laughing and learning. Our facilitation style keeps the conversation both fun and meaningful.

4. Your team will leave our Zoom room feeling a little bit more human, having gotten to know colleagues a bit better and laid foundations for lasting meaningful connection - the whole reason you’re planning an offsite in the first place!

These are our most popular topics:

1. "Re-energize & Reconnect"
Choose this topic to create space for real conversation among colleagues, and a chance to get to know colleagues better outside of the day-to-day in a fun way.

2. "Before & After"
Choose this topic if your team is experiencing or planning for transition, change or growth.

Optional and not required: We offer a 20-minute prep call so that we can get to know the dynamics of your team before the session.


Not Your Average Icebreaker

30 minutes

up to 300 people


In this 30-minute rapid session, you'll get to know your teammates on a deeper level in a fun and easy way. Great for groups of all sizes, we'll use our fun facilitation style and series of unique question prompts that are "not your average icebreaker." (For example, one of the question prompts we often ask is "What's a very 'you' thing you've done lately?") In between questions, we'll tie the prompts back to relevant concepts for the team (for example, authenticity). By the end of 30 minutes you'll have spent quality time with the team in a fresh, energizing and inspiring way!


no delivery involved

Re-energize & Reconnect

1 hour

up to 75 people


Create space for real conversation among colleagues, and a chance to get to know colleagues better outside of the day-to-day in a fun way.


no delivery involved

Before & After

1 hour

up to 75 people


no delivery involved


There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

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A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

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Mattermost, Inc.

I loved it! Guided questions/prompts were great and kept the conversations low pressure and casual. I will definitely find ways to connect with co-workers more going forward.

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Mattermost, Inc.

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Mattermost, Inc.

It was so awesome to connect to colleagues in such a personal way in an extremely well facilitated and energetic session. Thank you for this opportunity!

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Mattermost, Inc.

Fun and engaging! Great way to take what may seem like an uncomfortable situation and put a positive spin on it.

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Mattermost, Inc.

was awesome!

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