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What you'll do

Paint your own air plant hanging pot perfect for your home, office or home office! No skills required, promise! Combine the joy and relaxation of painting with live air plants, and you have yourself a winning team building project that everyone will love!

In this event, guests will be creating their own hanging air plant pot made from a dried and preserved citrus fruit rind. Talk about repurposing! These 'Bell Cups' come pre-drilled and ready to paint and hang.

I will bring everything needed for a fun 'paint night’-type project with a planty twist! Materials will include paint, brushes, air plants, pots, hanging accessories, table coverings, napkins, water cups, and even disposable aprons. We LITERALLY have you and your team covered!

Through a fun and light-hearted guided demonstration, learn basic techniques for paint mixing and application tips to create a truly one of a kind plant hanger. Once your pot is painted, turn it into a wall hanging with the vegan leather cord and wooden ring, then add your air plant for a chic and earthy look.

During the workshop, attendees will receive tips for maintaining and caring for their plants, as well as some general air plant knowledge and fun facts, and will also leave with care instructions for future maintenance.

Each hanging kit includes:
- a 'Bell Cup' (dried citrus fruit shell)
- 6 paint colors (customization available)
- 1 set of pro quality brushes
- vegan leather cord in a warm leather color
- a wooden ring for hanging
- care instructions for the air plants

Your host, Julie, is the Owner and Creator of a small woman-owned business based in Carlsbad, CA.


Single Hanging Pot

Up to 200 people • 1 hr • Kit delivery


Includes supplies to create one single hanging pot per person.


meet at your location

Double it up!

Up to 200 people • 1 hr • Kit delivery


Includes supplies to create two hanging pots per person.


meet at your location

Delivery information

Shipping is available for virtual guests in the US only (excluding Hawaii), via USPS priority.

Shipping is an additional $10 per kit. Bulk shipping to one location is dependent on number of kits.

How to join

This is an in-person event at your location. Your host will travel to your location and set everything up.


I can travel to your location (e.g. your office) in San Diego County. For an additional $200 flat fee, I can also travel to your location in Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County. For other California based locations, please inquire.

What to bring

I will provide everything needed for guests joining in-person.

If you are joining remotely, bring:
- a bowl or cup of water
- a non-porous working surface
- paper towels or napkins for any unexpected messes


I will adhere to your county's current safety guidelines. Each participant will receive their own set of tools and materials, allowing for social distancing and limited contact for attendees as needed. I will wear a mask on request regardless of current requirements.

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