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Hypnosis Adventures: Relax, Motivate & Blow Minds

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I loved hearing about the theory behind hypnosis - what it is and what it is not. I really enjoyed the activity and hope we can do this again!





Take an expedition up Everest, raft the Colorado, perform on Broadway, or spark an idea as a team for a brand new, on-the-fly hypnosis experience.

Master Hypnotist and storyteller Jason Akel harnesses imaginations to relax, inspire, foster open thinking, creativity, and motivate participants to overcome challenges.

Choose from a list of adventures or pure relaxation experiences. Custom-crafted experiences for large groups are possible as well.

Teams will enjoy hypnosis, learn how it works, and develop starter skills in self-hypnosis (depends on event length as time allows). This is not your typical hypnotist show where only the select audience members are hypnotized. Everyone participates here on a safe, inward journey and can share their insights with the group afterwards and ask questions.

Good for:
- Virtual teams, in-person teams, or a mix!
- Starting the week with a motivational bang
- Ending a week (or every week) with a stress release like no other
- Rewarding teams with a virtual vacation; no vacation days needed!

All participants and the purchasing party acknowledge that these hypnosis experiences are for entertainment purposes only and are not therapy. Do not participate while operating a vehicle or doing anything that requires your close focus or attention.


Hypnosis adventure

Up to 100 people • 1 hr


Discover how hypnosis works, Hypnosis Adventure, brief team sharing of experiences.


$750 minimum

no delivery involved

Hypnosis adventure + self-hypnosis

Up to 100 people • 1.5 hr


Discover how hypnosis works, Hypnosis Adventure, team sharing of experiences, self-hypnosis education, Q&A.


$1,000 minimum

no delivery involved


There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

How to Prepare for Hypnosis
* Be in a private, comfortable space where you won't be interrupted. If you’re at home or even at the office, lock the door and ask others not to disturb you or put up a sign. Any pets should be kept outside the room. Multiple participants in the same physical room are fine.
* Settle into a couch or a comfortable chair, preferably with a head rest. Your bed is fine if you're okay with others seeing you there, but no pajamas!
* Be sure your device is fully charged, even better, plugged in. Video chat uses substantial battery power and you absolutely do not want to interrupt your experience.
* Headphones are recommended. Wireless headphones are even better, just be sure they are fully charged. Good speakers near you are also fine.
* You will have the option to turn off your camera if you’d like during the hypnosis portion of the event.
* Have the temperature set comfortably, but you may want to have a blanket or jacket handy.
* Keep a water bottle or glass nearby.
* A short walk or light exercise about an hour beforehand is useful to relax.
* Do not use any stimulants or depressants within a few hours prior unless medically necessary; this includes caffeine and alcohol.

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13 reviews




I loved hearing about the theory behind hypnosis - what it is and what it is not. I really enjoyed the activity and hope we can do this again!




I was definitely a skeptic going into this activity but I left having had a wonderful experience. I felt incredibly relaxed and happy after. I recommend anyone participating in this activity do so fully with an open mind for maximum results. Lastly, I wish I could teleport myself to Santorini, Greece every morning for an hour via my daughter's bedroom for this effect. Highly recommend!




Our team hosted a Hypnosis Adventure with Jason. He harnessed our imaginations to explore black sands, fly like super humans, and discover a lost world underwater. Jason was knowledgeable and entertaining and ensured everyone on our team had a say in deciding our adventure. It was a fascinating, relaxing, and unique experience.




It was a great experience! I learned a lot.




Great session! Jason is super informative and knowledgable!

Cancellation Policy


Grace period: free cancellation within 24 hours of booking deposit or confirmation but no later than 24 hours prior to the event start time. After that, cancel at least 7 days prior to the event to receive full refund (minus booking fee).

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