Hypnosis Adventures: Relax, Motivate & Blow Minds

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What you'll do

Take an expedition up Everest, raft the Colorado, perform on Broadway, or spark an idea as a team for a brand new, on-the-fly hypnosis experience.

Master Hypnotist and storyteller Jason Akel harnesses imaginations to relax, inspire, foster open thinking, creativity, and motivate participants to overcome challenges.

Choose from a list of adventures or pure relaxation experiences. Custom-crafted experiences for large groups are possible as well.

Teams will enjoy hypnosis, learn how it works, and develop starter skills in self-hypnosis (depends on event length as time allows). This is not your typical hypnotist show where only the select audience members are hypnotized. Everyone participates here on a safe, inward journey and can share their insights with the group afterwards and ask questions.

Good for:
- Virtual teams, in-person teams, or a mix!
- Starting the week with a motivational bang
- Ending a week (or every week) with a stress release like no other
- Rewarding teams with a virtual vacation; no vacation days needed!

All participants and the purchasing party acknowledge that these hypnosis experiences are for entertainment purposes only and are not therapy. Do not participate while operating a vehicle or doing anything that requires your close focus or attention.


Hypnosis adventure

15 to 100 people • 1 hr


Discover how hypnosis works, Hypnosis Adventure, brief team sharing of experiences.


no delivery involved

Hypnosis adventure + self-hypnosis

15 to 100 people • 1.5 hr


Discover how hypnosis works, Hypnosis Adventure, team sharing of experiences, self-hypnosis education, Q&A.


no delivery involved

Delivery information

There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

How to Prepare for Hypnosis
* Be in a private, comfortable space where you won't be interrupted. If you’re at home or even at the office, lock the door and ask others not to disturb you or put up a sign. Any pets should be kept outside the room. Multiple participants in the same physical room are fine.
* Settle into a couch or a comfortable chair, preferably with a head rest. Your bed is fine if you're okay with others seeing you there, but no pajamas!
* Be sure your device is fully charged, even better, plugged in. Video chat uses substantial battery power and you absolutely do not want to interrupt your experience.
* Headphones are recommended. Wireless headphones are even better, just be sure they are fully charged. Good speakers near you are also fine.
* You will have the option to turn off your camera if you’d like during the hypnosis portion of the event.
* Have the temperature set comfortably, but you may want to have a blanket or jacket handy.
* Keep a water bottle or glass nearby.
* A short walk or light exercise about an hour beforehand is useful to relax.
* Do not use any stimulants or depressants within a few hours prior unless medically necessary; this includes caffeine and alcohol.

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The process was very relaxing. I was able to feel warm ocean breeze and sand under my feet. I almost fell asleep. My team enjoyed the hypnosis adventure a lot.

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Such an incredible experience! It really blew my mind!




A very fun and relaxing session! Highly Recommend




Super relaxing and fascinating experience. I highly recommend!

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Great session! Didn't really know what to expect but it turned out really well. Everyone enjoyed every minute of the session and it was so enlightening. thanks again Jason for being very accommodating with the timezone difference.

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Grace period: free cancellation within 24 hours of booking deposit or confirmation (Unless booked within 24 hours of the event start time). After that, cancel at least 7 days prior to the event to receive a full refund (minus service fee).

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