Make Your Own Ice Cream Float Experience

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30 min

Lead time

15 days

Kit delivery

US only

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Zoom only

What you'll do

Treat your group to the coolest virtual experience you can find! This 30-minute, high-energy virtual party teaches you and your guests how to make ice cream at home before you sculpt ice cream floats to your delight.

During this fun virtual experience, guests will make their own “ice cream in a bag” before they move on to making their hand-crafted floats.

One of our energetic hosts will have your group up and moving with some awesome tunes while they shake up their creation!

We can replace the shelf-stable milk in the kit with a dairy-free option, if requested. For gluten-free options, guests can enter this in dietary restrictions when they register.

What's included in each kit

Each guest will receive an ice cream float kit that includes:
- Shelf-stable milk
- Ice cream rock salt
- Vanilla
- Sugar
- 2 craft sodas
- Chocolate, cherry, and strawberry flavoring
- Plastic bags
- Color-changing spoon
- Towel


Ice Cream Float Experience

Up to 200 people • 30 min • Kit delivery


Everything needed to make an ice cream float at home, minus the ice!


$395 minimum

includes shipping cost

Delivery information

We can ship within the US, and US delivery (within the lower 48 states) is included. Alaska and Hawaii may include an additional shipping charge per kit.

How to join

This virtual event is hosted exclusively on Zoom.

We will send you a link in your booking confirmation email.

What to bring

Bring a glass (or 2!) for the float as well as ~5 cups/2 trays of ice.

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No cancellation allowed.

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