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Live Hosted Team Trivia Competition


Join us for a live-hosted team trivia competition to crown your group's Trivia Champion! We can guarantee that by the end of the game, the only question on your mind will be when the next rematch is occurring.

The standard game consists of four rounds of bar-style trivia with 10 questions per round. In each round, our host reads the 10 questions to the large group, then sends participants to Zoom breakout rooms of 4-8 people (depending on the size of your group) to deliberate for ~7 minutes and submit one answer form per team. After forms are submitted, we call all groups back into the main room, read answers, give a scoring update and move onto the next round.

You have the option to pre-assign teams or have us randomly assign them based on who joins.

Our questions are varied and topical. The game consists of an opening-round comprised of two sets of creative trivia questions (covering pop culture, sports, history, literature, global knowledge, wordplay, and more!), a picture round (where we show a document with 10 related images and participants need to identify as many as possible), a music round (where we play clips of 10 songs linked by some common theme, and participants need to name as many songs and their corresponding bands/artists as possible), and a final round again with creative and topical questions worth double points (so most teams feel like they're in contention until the end). We also have a tiebreaker question at the ready in case teams are tied at the end of four rounds.



There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

How to join:

This virtual event is hosted exclusively on Zoom. We'll send you a link in your booking confirmation email.

Customer Reviews

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Julia Z.

Oak Street Health

Highly recommend! I recently onboarded at a new company and one of the first team building events we did was virtual trivia. The questions were creative and fun, stimulating a lot of conversation between team members who didn’t know each other that well, and our host was very engaging. Hope to be able to play again soon!

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Jason T.

Had a great time. Our host was phenomenal and the questions were unlike anything I’ve seen before. Highly recommend for in-person or online corporate bonding experience.

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Matt F.

I loved being able to check in with my larger group of friends and then have more intimate conversations in breakout groups. The tech integration is seamless and you would swear Zoom designed their software with trivia in mind. Would 100% do it again!!

Cancellation Policy


Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking confirmation, up to 24 hours before the event start time. After that, cancel up to 7 days before the event and get a full refund, minus the booking fee.