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Welcome to the Laughter Lounge! Here, team members will experience a mind-body combination that is sure to relax them while encouraging a sense of community. Together, we will:

- Breathe deeply - long, slow inhales and exhales
- Stretch softly - chest openers combat the “computer hunch”
- Clap loudly - wake up and say, “hello” with palms
- Laugh joyously - facilitated laughter exercises where participants explore he hes, ha has, and ho hos
- Relax fully - lying down strongly encouraged
- Meditate happily - guided meditation where smiles happen

The benefits of time spent in the Laughter Lounge are many, including – increased blood circulation, reduced blood pressure, released endorphins, and increased oxygen flow. Plus, it builds community while busting stress. It’s a lot of fun and no experience with lounging – or laughter – needed! Group members merely need to be willing to laugh – not at each other – but with each other.

Some feelings that may happen because of time spent in the Laughter Lounge include joy, relaxation, lightness, energy, serenity, rejuvenation, and happiness. Other common side effects are a feeling of connection to teammates, an ability to breathe through stressful situations, and the realization that laughter can always be used as a tool to benefit the team.


Laughter Lounge

2 to 50 people • 1 hr


A one-hour visit to the Laughter Lounge includes breathing, stretching, clapping, laughing, relaxing, and meditating. Plus, loungers leave with tips for how to keep the laughter alive after leaving the Lounge.


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