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15 days

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What you'll do

This soap making kit includes all the soap, dye, scent, and accessories to create your very own DIY custom soaps!

Melt-and-pour soap making is a great technique for beginners. This soap melts down easily and the process is simple. Once you get comfortable with this kit and the soap-making process, you can then start to incorporate more advanced techniques and have fun experimenting!

This kit includes three soap scents (lavender, rose, and vanilla) and three soap dyes (yellow, pink, and purple). This class will make ten bars of soap in total! You also have the option to add more household items such as exfoliants (oats, coffee, coconut, etc), scents (honey & essential oils), and colorants (turmeric, activated charcoal, cocoa powder, cinnamon, matcha, etc). Included is a white shea butter base.

What's included in each kit

- Shea Butter Soap Base
- Rectangular Wooden Base + Silicone Mold
- Wood Cutting Tray
- Dried Flowers
- Soap Scents
- Soap Dyes
- Wavy Soap Cutter
- Plastic Melting Cup
- Stirring Sticks
- Alcohol Spray Bottle


Soap Kit + Class

All group sizes • 1 hr • Kit delivery


Comes with a one-of-a-kind soap making kit and an enthusiastic instructor to take you through the process of making your own soap.


$420 minimum

includes shipping cost

Delivery information

- International shipping starts at $20 extra
- International addresses need to be submitted three weeks before the class
- All international shipments will require a local phone number

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

- Knife
- Cutting board
- Wax paper
- And be near a microwave

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Grace period: free cancellation within 24 hours of booking deposit (Unless booked within 48 hours of the event start time). After that, cancel at least 14 days prior to the event to receive a full refund (minus service fee).

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