Mardi Gras Gone Wrong: A Murder Mystery Party - NYC


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New York City

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Several new residents of New Orleans—including YOU—are gathered in an apartment to watch a Carnival parade. Someone invited M’sieur Geezaire, an old-timer who claims to know everything about Mardi Gras traditions.

That’s too bad, because Geezaire won’t shut up. His nonstop droning is boring everyone to tears. Then he launches into a new story, all about a humiliating, embarrassing event among last year’s tourists.

Luckily, the first float approaches with its booming zydeco music and the host dims the lights. In the darkness, there is a lot of shuffling around… a strange gurgling sound… and a thud. When the lights come back on, M’sieur Geezaire is lying dead on the floor, strangled with his own Mardi Gras beads.

Whodunit? Clearly, someone in the room didn’t want that embarrassing story finished. Could it have been—YOU?

Play suspicious characters and sleuthing detectives during this immersive and interactive game. Throughout 3 rounds of play, study newly presented evidence and question the suspects until the murderer is caught and forced to confess!

Game materials will be shipped to the event organizer's desired location prior to the event. Digital access to character booklets may be made available earlier to allow character development.

Event organizer will receive:
- 20 Character Booklets
- Question Menus
- Name Tags
- Additional materials relevant to the actor hosting the event


Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Party

4 to 20 people • 1.5 hr


Play suspicious characters and sleuthing detectives at this Anti-Valentine's Day themed murder mystery party to find out who's done it!


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How to join

This is an in-person event at your location. Your host will travel to your location and set everything up.


We will travel to your location (e.g. your office).

Travel is free within an hour of New York City's mapped city center. Travel greater than one hour outside of the city center is subject to additional fees starting at $150.

Additional fees start at $300 for travel to locations greater than 2 hours beyond the city center.

What to bring

Bring optional costuming and accessories that support the theme of the game.


Our hosts are vaccinated. Face coverings are optional and may be worn to your comfort level.

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