Mexican-Style Hot Sauce Making

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What you'll do

Bring everyone together for a live Hot Sauce Making virtual experience. Join us for a light cooking event and learn how to prepare fiery and addictive homemade hot sauce recipes to pair with any meal or snack.

On the menu are Smoked Jalapeño and Ginger Mango Costeño, tips and tricks, and amazing fun facts about Mexican chili peppers.

The event runs for an hour and all materials included are shipped globally.

What's included in each kit

The kit includes:
- Smoked Jalapeño Peppers
- Costeño Chili Peppers
- Mango Syrup
- Fresh Garlic
- Ginger-Paprika Spice Blend
- Rice Vinegar
- Pair of Gloves
- Spatula
- Hot Sauce Containers
- Plain Label Stickers
- Featured Snack
- Pre-event Instructions & Recipes


Hot Sauce Making + Kit

Up to 250 people • 1 hr • Kit delivery


Includes all the materials you need to make two types of hot sauce. Each hot sauce is 6 servings.


$750 minimum

includes shipping cost

Delivery information

US shipping is included. International shipping starts at ~$50/person, based on location.

Please open kit on arrival and look for instructions on care of your kit, and any important prep for your event.

- Damaged and incorrect items in your kit will be reshipped at no cost.
- Abandoned & Unclaimed Kits: Unresponsive guests with delivery issues have five (5) business days to schedule a redelivery/pick up with the carrier before the kit returns to us. Refund or free redelivery is not applicable.
- Kits reported missing or damaged if marked as delivered are not insured.

How to join

This virtual event is hosted exclusively on Zoom.

We will send you a link in your booking confirmation email.

What to bring

- 2 Tablespoons
- Kitchen Knife
- Chopping Board
- 2 Medium Microwave-Safe Bowls
- Medium Pot or Kettle
- Blender or Small Food Processor

- 2 tsp Table Salt

- Sink
- Stove or Microwave
- Running water
- Paper towels

How to prepare

- Open kit on arrival.
- Syrups are best if refrigerated until the day of the event.
- Keep remaining items in the kit and store the kit in a cool, dry place.

- Boil 4 cups of water in a medium pot or kettle (for soaking chili peppers during the demo)

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Overall this was a super fun event! And the hot sauces were much tastier than I was expecting. Very glad I participated in this.

Some constructive feedback I have for maybe improving the experience in the future is maybe leaving more room in the beginning of the meeting or sprinkled throughout it for natural conversation between participants. The hosts were great, but I felt like it would have been nice to be able to converse more with my coworkers at the beginning or throughout the process since this is what would have happened during an in-person workshop.

The instructor/teacher sounded a bit distant so I think having a mic attached to her shirt or earbud mics would have been helpful in terms of improving audio quality.

I also felt like the instructor moved a bit too fast for me and I felt like it was hard to stay relaxed and chat since I was struggling to keep up. Maybe this could be solved by simply asking folks on the call "Is anyone NOT ready to move on to the next step?" instead of "Is everyone ready to move on?" because a few people said "yes" before I could unmute to say otherwise and the instructor had already moved on so I felt bad interrupting. Just an idea though!

Also, for me I had to quickly swap out different bowls mid way because I realized my "medium' bowls were two small to accommodate 2 cups of boiling water. I almost burned myself while pouring it in. I wonder if safer directions would be just having two small pots with 2 cups boiling water in each, then putting the peppers directly in the pots on the stove would be easier and safer for participants? That way, folks wouldn't need to move and pour boiling water around, especially near electronics ;)

But overall, a fun experience with delicious food! Thank you for hosting this!




The at home experience was great and simple - from the packaging to the instruction. The facilitators were happy and engaging. It was a fun new way to get teammates together remotely.




How engaging the hosts were with us and how comfortable and natural it felt. It wasn't all educational, but fun, too! And that's really what we wanted - to have our team loosen up, have some fun, and connect.




I really appreciated the whole experience. I had some dietary considerations and they were very accomodating and allowed me to participate fully with my team. Great experience all around.




This was such a fun event! I loved the energy of the hosts and thought it was an awesome and low-key way to connect with each other. Appreciate the thought that went into these recipes. Thank you so much!

Cancellation Policy


Grace period: free cancellation within 24 hours of booking deposit (Unless booked within 48 hours of the event start time). After that, cancel at least 14 days prior to the event to receive a full refund (minus service fee).

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