Mr. Douglas’s Treasure: A Puzzle Adventure

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What you'll do

In this cooperative team-building puzzle game, we ship each player a package of unique props and clues. Players must collaborate and communicate to uncover the clues and find Mr. Douglas’s Treasure. Your live host will help the team stay on track and give hints if needed.

A mysterious billionaire recently died. He had no heirs and didn’t want to give his money away. So he designed a series of tests, puzzles, and challenges to see who is worthy….

Mr. Douglas’s Treasure is a two hour long team-building game designed to be played by 7-10 players on videochat. Each player is shipped a package of customized puzzles, props and clues and must work together to solve the mystery of where Mr. Douglas hid his treasure.

The game is hosted by an in-game actor who will set the scene, give team hints, and also lead a facilitated discussion after the game on the team’s communication and teamwork.

Players are assigned a character based on their survey. Possible characters include Forensic Scientist, Detective, Housekeeper, Mystic, and CEO. Each player is shipped a package of customized props, puzzles and clues specific to their character.

We can host up to 300 players in teams of 7-10. Larger groups will be divided based on their survey responses. Each team will work with a live actor/facilitator on the puzzles and clues.


Mr Douglas’s Treasure

7 to 300 people • 2 hr • Kit delivery


Enjoy a puzzle adventure game, designed for virtual team building, including a customized package for each player.


includes shipping cost

Delivery information

Each player will be shipped a package of customized puzzles, props and locked pouches and must work together with their team to solve all the clues. When you book the event, participants will fill in a form to collect addresses and to determine the in-game character that best fits their personality.

For US-based players, 2 week lead-time is required to customize props, while ensuring shipping.

For international players, 3 week lead-time is suggested. International shipping is an additional $40/kit.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

How to prepare

Leave the box closed and we'll open it together as a group during the event.

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Our team had such a phenomenal time with this activity! It was such an amazing blend of virtual and physical elements - it meaningfully brought together a team that is scattered across the globe and built connection through fun!




Great event. Thanks so much!

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Anna Marie


The event was fun and interactive!

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