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It’s 1988, and the Podunk Roller Rink is filled with teens showing off their shoulder pads and mullets—but it’s a strangely-assorted group. They ignore each other as much as possible and they seem resentful, almost like they’re here on detention. And why are the cool kids, the loners and the nerds all here together, skating dully in a circle?

The people watching from the sidelines are equally mismatched: the rink employees, tired of renting skates and selling hot dogs; the retired roller derby pros, bored by the lack of violence; and the town prudes, obsessed with the possibility that the teens might start enjoying themselves or even worse—dancing.

Suddenly, there is a scream. The body of Kevin Floosey, the new kid in town, has been found in the back hallway. It looks like someone strangled him with a leg warmer. Who could have done such a terrible thing to a guy who just wanted to dance… or is that really all he wanted? Play suspicious characters and sleuthing detectives during this immersive and interactive game. Throughout 3 rounds of play study newly presented evidence and question the suspects until the murderer is caught and forced to confess!

We will send game materials to the organizer's desired location prior to the event. Digital access to character booklets may be made available earlier to allow character development. Includes 20 Character Booklets, Question Menus, Name Tags, and additional materials relevant to the actor hosting the event.


Roller Rink Mystery

4 to 20 people • 1 hr


Play suspicious characters and sleuthing detectives at this 1980s-themed murder mystery party.


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