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What do Grant Wood, Arthur Ashe, a Ford Taurus, and the Burning Bush have in common? (see below for the answer)

Mystery Trivia Night is a virtual game that that melds trivia, games, and puzzles in a fresh new format.

Our mystery rounds ask you to deduce patterns among all the answers in a round. Our music rounds feature cover songs that all fit a common theme. Our puzzle rounds, add a layer of deduction that requires more than just trivia knowledge. Our games don’t just test what folks know, they give everyone a chance to piece together connections.

Very little prep is required on your part. You can arrange players into teams, or we can randomize them for you. The game takes place on Gather, a virtual space that allows teams to see and hear the host, as well as one’s own teammates, while not being able to see or hear other teams. Teams submit their answers via a web form. Someone on our side scores the answers between rounds, so there’s no waiting for scoring.

*The answer is: they all contain U.S. Presidents (Grant, Arthur, Ford, Bush).

Custom Trivia:
For an additional charge, we can build trivia for any theme. We'll discuss your needs and write rounds of trivia for whatever themes you'd like. You can book the 60-min or 90-min package, and we will work with you on possible customization options to be added to your order. If you are interested in custom options, you can mention this when you book.
For 3 custom rounds of trivia, it is an additional $800, and for 4 custom rounds (90 minutes) it’s an additional $1000.


Mystery Trivia Night (60-min)

4 to 250 people • 1 hr


We'll work with you to pick 3 rounds from our catalog of favorites. Players will be broken up into teams with 4-6 people each.


$570 minimum

no delivery involved

Mystery Trivia Night (90-min)

4 to 250 people • 1.5 hr


We'll work with you to pick 4 rounds from our catalog of favorites. Players will be broken up into teams with 4-6 people each.


$735 minimum

no delivery involved

Delivery information

There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

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C5 Insight

Very fun premise and enjoyed the 'video game' style. The trivia was challenging, but who doesn't like a challenge! I really enjoyed the variety of rounds and the hosts were great and helpful.

I am not sure if it was due to joining late, but I felt the event a tiny bit rushed. It was a bit of scramble to understand the technical aspects (how to communicate with team, how to submit score). I also felt like the questions were asked quickly and although there was time to review at the end of each round, it was all generally high-speed.



C5 Insight

Great event, very creative. It would have been nice to have some more questions that were applicable to our younger crowd. But overall, good fun and a different format that made us really think about it. Appreciated the additional review and time at the end of each round since it took our team a few questions to get the swing of what we needed to do.



C5 Insight

We had a good time amongst our group. Would have loved to have seen more full team engagement on some items (but not sure how, perhaps some games that include larger groups). It was a bit tricky to get the attention of the host as the overview and rules were covered pretty quickly and not everyone caught how to do some things so we floundered a bit until we got the hang of it. A quick repeat of important things might have helped (ex: where to put answers, to go to the main island to talk to the whole group, or how to reach the host - we had at least two groups trying to clarify how to enter answers but he just kept going...he were on question 3 or 4 before we caught on).

But otherwise it was a good time! Thanks for hosting.



C5 Insight

Great event! Whew, those are some great divergent-thinking questions. Our group really enjoyed it.

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