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In this interactive DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training workshop, participants become an ensemble with the power to transform their workplace dynamic for the better. Using exercises, games, and role-playing scenarios, we help your team reflect on solutions to conflict and misunderstandings. Great for professional development!

How It Works
Using the Forum Theatre technique, participants will practice confronting a real life problem within a performance as both spectators and actors. Two professional facilitators will lead your group through an interactive and educational experience, including:
- An introduction and icebreaker game to foster unity and community
- A live and dynamic acting scene relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion
- Open reflection and discussion about solutions to the issues and feelings generated by the scene
- A re-enactment of the scene where a select group of spectators can participate as actors and apply proposed solutions to the issues addressed

A form of interactive theatre, Forum Theatre is often related to areas of social justice with the goal of exploring solutions to oppression and inequality. By engaging in realistic scenarios, participants can gain a better understanding of how to tackle and address conflict through effective communication and understanding — both in and out of the workplace.

Note: This workshop deals with sensitive topics and is meant to spark conversation. Be prepared for a good uncomfortable feeling. It's designed to help us all navigate and grow!


Women Who Changed The World

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DE&I Training Workshop

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Using exercises, games, and role-playing scenarios, our two pro facilitators help your team reflect on solutions to conflict and misunderstandings.


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It's not the first time I've done something like this, but it's the best such experience I've had. The facilitators were engaging, and the content was presented in a refreshing and inviting way. Wholeheartedly recommend.




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As a person of color, I feel as if the workshop lacked diversity in itself. Even the picture on the workup displays a person of color but I did not see topics of diversity present during the workshop. The workshop focused more on how to handle difficult conversations within the workplace rather than the focus of the workshop, "navigating diverse conversations". The workshop was beneficial in some aspects but it should be catered to as a team bonding or team resolution. If you want to focus on diver conversations, the scenarios need to focus on such. People of color deal with different situations regarding the topic every day and I would love to see that portrayed accurately in this workshop. Not just mention BLM and brush it off.

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Really fun and interesting training for our team! The format is well-thought-out and worked well for our remote teams.

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Food Revolution Network

What a fun and engaging way to learn! I thoroughly it and left with many takeaways. Thank you!

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