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I am a self-taught, multi-media artist with a passion for teaching and meeting new people! I absolutely love making art and showing others how fun and easy it can be! One of my favorite things to do is Origami and I have been teaching this very unique and beautiful art form to folks of all ages for the past 10 + years. It is a perfect team-building activity which builds confidence and discovery in a fun and supportive environment. Origami offers something for everyone and with me as your guide it will be sure to be fun and fabulous!

Origami brings with it a rich history of artists, makers, and dreamers. In my class, I customize the model/s to fit the theme of the event. Origami is a magical and wondrous art form, as well as challenging and perplexing at times... just like life itself. The fact that you start with a single piece of paper and end up with something much different is what makes Origami one of the coolest and most unique experiences.

At the start of the class, I will give a brief overview of the proposed model by explaining some of the basic folds which will be used in the paper folding process.

The class is taught using a two-camera set-up with one view of the project in a “flat lay” view of my hands and the other view of me via webcam to allow for a more personal class experience.

During the entirety of the class, participants will be guided step-by-step through the folding process from start to finish.


60 minutes

Up to 50 people • 1 hr


Learn how to make origami with your team in this 60-minute session.


$375 minimum

no delivery involved

90 minutes

Up to 50 people • 1.5 hr


Learn how to make origami with your team in this 90-minute session.


$500 minimum

no delivery involved

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There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

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This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

Traditional origami paper, or copy paper works well, too. Any paper which can be easily folded, but is not too thick or thin.

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Private Division

I had a lot of fun folding paper. Jennifer was engaging and a great instructor.



Private Division

We had a great time at our event! It was a fantastic way to get our minds off of work and focused on something fun and light hearted. Jennifer was a great teacher and made sure we were all following well. I personally love origami so this was a great event for me. Definitely looking forward to doing this again in the future!

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Really enjoyed the class with Jen! Easy to follow with the camera set up and clear instructions.






Stanford University HR Communications

Jennifer was great with outreach to identify the desired shapes, and facilitated a fun session! She's patient and jokes around, and it was a great experience for our team!

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