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Pork Belly Steamed Buns + Shipping


Brought to you by the same team that showcased how fun and interactive cooking can be with their Boba Milk Tea & Popcorn Chicken, this event features tender and flavorful pork belly steam buns!

Quick and easy to prepare, this kit is ideal for those craving a delicious and filling snack!

Inspired by both worlds: Featuring the flavor profiles of the Filipino dish “Humba” which in itself had heavy influence from Chinese migrants, this class brings this dish full circle with the steamed buns. Along with the shiitake mushrooms and lap cheong sausage, the fermented black bean aioli and pickles provide a nice contrast to the soy-flavored pork belly.

Knowledgeable and entertaining: With years of experience in fine dining and Michelin-star restaurants, rest assured you’re in good hands with this team of chefs who love sharing their tips and tricks, who will be very patient with your group, and keep a light and fun atmosphere!

Convenience guaranteed: All the necessary ingredients will be shipped to each participant during the week of the event. Each kit includes enough for 2 (or one very hungry adult!) and we’re able to accommodate any severe allergies as well as vegetarians or vegans in your group. Our veg option includes soy-marinated tofu (replaces the pork belly).



We can ship to all 50 US states. Shipping costs will vary per address:

Local Bay Area delivery: $15
West Coast, Southwest: $18-22
Midwest, South, East Coast: $20-25

We can ship wine to all but the following US states: AL, AK, DE, HI, KY, ME, MI, MT, SD, UT

How to register guests:

We'll automatically send you a link to share with guests after your spot is reserved.

How to join:

This is a virtual event. A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring:

- Knife
- Chopping board
- Mixing bowl
- Skillet or frying pan
- Kitchen tongs
- Oil (e.g. canola, vegetable, grapeseed, rice bran, olive oil)
- Steamer (preferred), otherwise aluminum foil and large pot

Customer Reviews

User photo

Lafia M.


This was great! The two hosts were fantastic and had easy to follow instructions. Their personalities were warm and friendly, which made the experience even better!

Thank you again,

User photo

Natalya S.


Such a wonderful, high-quality, super professional experience! Smooth from start to finish, with pro editing and camera cuts throughout so no one missed a beat. And absolutely delicious food. 100% recommend! We ordered the pork belly buns, and all the materials were delivered with ease the night before. We didn't have to lift a finger after making the order - everything was organized for us. Highly recommend for all your offsites/team building activities from home!

User photo

Cecily F.


So fun- the hosts/chef are AWESOME. Very unintimidating way to approach cooking and hanging with your teammates. Thank you again!

User photo

Joan E.


These 2 chefs were so helpful and energetic! The food was absolutely delicious too <3

User photo

John B.


This was a wonderful experience! The chefs were fantastic, helpful, and educational, and the food was DELICIOUS.

Cancellation Policy


Grace period: free cancellation within 24 hours of booking deposit or confirmation but no later than 24 hours prior to the event start time. After that, cancel at least 7 days prior to the event to receive full refund (minus booking fee).

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