So your Boss got kidnapped?

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San Francisco Bay Area


1.5 hr

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31 days

San Francisco Bay Area

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What you'll do

Think "The Amazing Race" meets "Ready Player One."

The Challenge starts out with each group getting a letter with the startling news:
“Your Boss (or colleague) has been kidnapped, and your mission is to find them. This is a competition to be the fastest team to rescue them.”

And so begins an epic challenge, as the groups race against each other to find their location while progressing through a series of challenges tapping into creative thinking, strategy, adventure and grit.

They’ll be faced with locked boxes, intricate maps, edible bugs, cryptic messages, walkie-talkies, binoculars, helium balloons, keys frozen in a pool of ice and more.

Who will find and rescue the kidnapped co-worker first?

Optional add-on: The experience is designed to evoke a rainbow of emotions in a small amount of time. This "experiential reduction" can be leveraged for a 30-minute post challenge deep dive/debrief covering the following topics: integrity, positive sense of urgency, leadership and communication. Extra charge applies, please contact us for more information.

This event doesn't include any food or drinks, only optional food-grade edible bugs. =)


Standard Package

8 to 75 people • 1.5 hr


Includes pre-event location scout of the property and day of facilitation of the challenge.


meet at your location

How to join

This is an in-person event at your location. Your host will travel to your location and set everything up.


I will travel to the your location (e.g. your office).

No additional fee for traveling within San Francisco.

Open to travel within 200-mile radius for $150-$500 extra per event, based on distance.

The location must be either a large office building that allows for racing around, an open-style campus, or a large privatized park/event space.

What to bring

Comfortable running shoes, sunscreen, and appropriate outdoor attire.

A source of sound amplification will be needed if the group is over 35.


We need to know if there are any physical disabilities or restrictions so that we can adjust the parameters of the race to be inclusive.

Guests must follow current CDC regulations.

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We had the opportunity to partner with Adventure Architects to build camaraderie and friendly competition for our North America Managers. They were so creative they had an ice tub full of ice cubes and keys frozen into a few of them, Managers had to find the right key to their box to unlock the clue, they had (FDA approved & toasted) edible bugs the chosen members on the team had to eat and post it notes hidden in balloons they had to pop to uncover the hidden message. It was such a fun and engaging experience to see how the Management team worked together to solve the puzzle!




We wanted to launch a program in a unique way across our entire business beginning with our managers, giving them an experience they would never forget. Never would we have imagined what would have ensued from there and how much fun we would have in collaborating and executing on such a wildly unique and memorable experience. They helped us reimage the workspace, bringing in ice baths with hidden keys, helium filled balloons with secret clued hidden inside and a kidnapped sales leader who was in dire need of rescue! Our managers were left to overcome their fears, work together and drive urgency to accomplishing their shared objective, which made for one of the most valuable debriefs in recent history helping us identify our strengths and opportunities leaders and as a team. If you’re looking for a unique team building experience chock full of challenges, insights and tons of fun then look no further than Adventure Architects.

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