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What you'll do

Space Defenders is a collaborative, puzzle-based escape game. Teams must communicate and rely on each other to solve puzzles and share clues. It's more than fun: it builds communication skills.

You'll play in both smaller teams of "Space Crews" and as a whole group. Small teams must overcome challenges together while strategizing and collaborating with the entire large group. Each player will actively use their computer to explore planets, maneuver objects, and solve puzzles.

Your Mission:
As part of an elite group of Space Defenders, your team uses ancient power crystals to keep the universe safe. However, an alien criminal calling herself Kryota stole these crystals and scattered them across a dozen planets. Now your crew must adventure into a myriad of terrains, uncover secrets, and reclaim these crystals to save the universe.

Customization options and soft skills feedback sessions are available on request for an additional fee.


30-min game: Short & Sweet Adventure

4 to 79 people • 30 min


Play a short and sweet adventure! Travel to only 1 or 2 different planets, solve puzzles collaboratively, and collect crystals in teams to save the universe.


$150 minimum

no delivery involved

45-min game: Fast & Fun Exploration

4 to 79 people • 45 min


Play a short and sweet adventure with a bonus collaborative puzzle at the end! In teams, you will travel to only 2 or 3 different planets independently. Then complete a bonus collaborative game all together as a group to save the universe.


$180 minimum

no delivery involved

60-min game: More Collaborative Fun

4 to 79 people • 1 hr


Teams collaborate more in extra games! Collaborate in teams to fix your space ships. Travel to 4 or 5 unique planets. Then complete a bonus puzzle all together as a large group to save the universe.


$220 minimum

no delivery involved

90-min game:Complete Collaborative Fun

4 to 79 people • 1.5 hr


Fully collaborate between teams, with bonuses! Discover secret planets or win a space battle. Repair your ships and visit 7 to 9 different planets, collaborating across teams the whole time. At the end as a large group, save the universe.


$250 minimum

no delivery involved

120-Min Game: "Secret" Planets & Games

4 to 79 people • 2 hr


Play the full experience with more "secret" bonus planets and a space battle! Collaborate between teams to repair your ships. Visit 11 to 13+ secret planets. Then all together as a large group, complete a final task to save the universe.


$280 minimum

no delivery involved

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This was a fun, challenging game that got the team working together and excited toward a common goal. Highly recommend!



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very fun team activity!




It was a fun time. A different kind of experience doing it remotely instead of in person, but once it really kicks off and the puzzles start, it actually worked quite well.

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