Starship Icarus: A Conflict Resolution Game

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What you'll do

In this problem-solving game, we assign players a role on a starship and send a package of crucial supplies & information (including a secret individual goal). Only through communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution can they safely land Starship Icarus.

"Hello, crew members of the Starship Icarus! We submit our deepest apologies for waking you early from your cryosleep, but the ship has encountered some… unexpected issues that require your immediate attention. Take a look through your personnel packets, they have all the tools and information you’ll need. Ok crew, let’s get started."

Starship Icarus is an interactive virtual game, solving problems with the help of a live host. This game is designed in collaboration by an MIT and Stanford trained neurobiologist, an award-winning game designer, and a DEIB consultant/leadership coach. The game takes complex concepts of change management, conflict resolution, and consensus building and distills it down to simple and fun gameplay. Players work with the Starship Icarus’s AI (our actor/facilitator) to tackle a range of problems encountered by the ship.

During this game, participants will experience:
- Defusing the amygdala’s fight or flight response when situations get complicated through breathing and observation exercises.
- Productively managing the overwhelm of many urgent priorities, engaging skills of quickly building consensus to strategically prioritize.
- The complex balance of negotiating personal goals while achieving the team’s overall goals. What will your team members do when their personal goals conflict? Can they put aside their individual needs for the greater good of the team?
- The power of gratitude, especially in tense situations
- The benefits in eliminating hierarchy biases and holding space for even the most junior team member
- Communication and collaboration tasks that require participants to work together. Players are given siloed (or compartmentalized) information, where no one member of the team can see the entire problem or solution on their own.
- Opportunities to experiment in a low-stakes environment to encourage psychological safety

What's included in each kit

Each participant will be assigned a role in the game and will get a package of props, puzzles, information, etc.

In every package, we include a security badge, a personal goal (which may conflict with the team's overall goal or with another player's personal goal), an oxygen detection device, and a fun prop that will be used during the gameplay.


Starship Icarus Game

4 to 8 people • 1 hr • Kit delivery


90-minute activity, with approximately 60 minutes of gameplay and 15-30 minutes of facilitated discussion.


includes shipping cost

Starship Icarus Game + Workshop

4 to 8 people • 2.5 hr • Kit delivery


Include an add-on workshop with our DEIB consultant and leadership coach. This can be scheduled immediately following the team’s gameplay or at a different time (availability varies).


includes shipping cost

Delivery information

US Delivery is included. Canada/International shipping is an additional $40/kit. We ship all packages via FedEx Express 2 Day Shipping. Please, no PO Boxes.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

Everything you need will be provided for you in the packages, or you will be instructed to gather it during the game.

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I had fun jumping into a role in this space themed online escape room. However, the most interesting part came when we had to try and understand what each others' roles really were, why we sometimes had conflicting missions, and how to reorient ourselves considering the ultimate intention to feel good about working together and accomplishing something as a team.



By having to pitch my offbeat ideas to others on my team I discovered new techniques and creative solutions. Similarly, I felt more open in taking risks and receiving the input of other players, even when it was not what I'd expected.



What a fun way to work on communication skills! It really got us thinking and talking about personal goals vs team goals. And while it is technically an online experience, it feels surprisingly tactile and collaborative. I loved the physical items in the packet, and it was really exciting to uncover how they tie into the story each step of the way.

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