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Sweet & Savory Baking


This 90-minute baking class requires no baking experience! We will start with a 15-minute introductory team-building exercise. Recipes are accessible for all cooking levels. I’ll provide a simple and flexible ingredient list ahead of time, and I’m happy to accommodate any dietary needs (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc).

As a group, you can choose from three menus:

1) Savory vegetable & cheese galette
Learn how to make my master recipe for a savory galette. My winter version features sauteed kale, fresh parmesan and your choice of sauteed mushrooms or onions. You'll learn the secrets of a flaky pie crust & how to vary vegetables by the season.

2) Bakery style muffins
Learn my master recipe for delicious and bountiful bakery-style muffins. You'll have a choice based on your dietary needs—classic, paleo or vegan.

3) Seasonal fruit galette
Learn how to make my master recipe for a fruit galette. My winter version features sauteed apples with cinnamon and sugar. You'll learn the secrets of a flaky pie crust & how to vary fruits by the season.

I create a highly engaging experience via Zoom, and handle all the logistics for you.
- Multiple camera angles so participants can see me as well as close-up of cooking steps
- Tech assistant who supports a good online experience for participants
- Visual slides to help make steps clear and easy to follow



There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

How to join:

This is a virtual event. A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring:

Here is the shopping list ( which includes recommended substitutions to accommodate dietary needs — and I’ll also offer suggestions for replacements if you happen to be out of an ingredient.

Customer Reviews

User photo

Julio S.


The event was awesome, I didn't have enough time to make it through the end, but my dish went into the oven before dropping. The galette was amazing!!!

I would love to organize more events like this for my team and me. Thanks!!

User photo

Evan M.


Traci was amazing—so energetic and engaging. Our team had a blast during our virtual baking session. Among us were some inexperienced bakers, along with more seasoned pros. Everyone had a really positive experience and can't wait to do it again. Thanks Traci!

User photo

Víctor D.


It was great cooking class with Traci!

User photo

Brett H.


User photo

Ramin S.



Cancellation Policy


No cancellation allowed.

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