Tea-Tini - Mixology Class

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30 min - 2 hr

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What you'll do

We make Tea time/Cocktail hour easy for you! Our host mixologist will guide your guests in creating delicious tea-based craft cocktails (or mocktails) and tea, using high-quality floral teas and seasonal ingredients.

Choose drinks to make at home from our showcased recipes, uniquely curated from some of the world's best mixologists, as well as inspired by classic cocktails.

Each kit comes with our signature Tea-Tini glass infusion bottle (an all-in-one tea and spirit infusion bottle), as well as natural, non-caffeinated raw ingredients. We provide enough ingredients to make at least 10-15 drinks, so the team may continue to enjoy what they have learned during the workshop.

Select how many drinks (teas/cocktails) you would like, and after you book, we will send a menu of options to select from. You can select the drinks you wish to make with your group, and we will ship a custom, all-inclusive kit (Infusion Bottle + raw ingredients) to each of your team members.

For the team which wants to experiment further, we also offer a package, "3 Cocktails + 1 Syrup" for making Smoked Cocktails. This kit includes a hand rolled Holy Smokes Stick to add another layer of flavor. We offer team members a chance to create a custom drink of their own and share their recipes with the group.

This event is BYOB: guests will bring their own alcoholic / non-alcoholic base for all package options.

All ingredients are vegan and non-caffeinated, and our fruits are organic. We can accommodate any special requests or allergies for your team members.

Try this event and watch the inner mixologists come out in each of your team members. No more boring Happy Hours!

What's included in each kit

Kit includes:
- Tea-Tini glass infusion bottle (an all-in-one tea and spirit infusion bottle)
- Natural, non-caffeinated raw ingredients
- Holy Smokes Stick ( included in "3 Cocktails + 1 Syrup" package option ONLY)


1 Cocktail / 1 Tea

Up to 150 people • 30 min • Kit delivery


Kit includes an Infusion Bottle + 1 seasonal raw ingredient. Choose between 1 cocktail or 1 tea. BYO alcohol or non-alcoholic base.


$130 minimum

includes shipping cost

2 Cocktails / 1 Cocktail, 1 Tea

Up to 150 people • 1 hr • Kit delivery


Kit includes an Infusion Bottle + 2 seasonal raw ingredients + 2 reusable tins. Choose between 2 cocktails or 1 cocktail and 1 tea. BYO alcohol/non-alcoholic base.


$150 minimum

includes shipping cost

3 Cocktails

Up to 150 people • 1.5 hr • Kit delivery


Includes an Infusion Bottle, 3 seasonal raw ingredients, and 3 reusable tins. 2 guided cocktails & 1 create your own drink. BYO alcohol/non-alcoholic base.


$180 minimum

includes shipping cost

3 Cocktails + 1 Syrup

Up to 150 people • 2 hr • Kit delivery


Includes an Infusion Bottle, 4 raw ingredients, 4 reusable tins, a Jigger, and a Holy Smokes Stick. 2 guided cocktails, 1 create your own drink & 1 simple syrup. BYO alcohol/non-alcoholic base.


$240 minimum

includes shipping cost

Delivery information

All kits ship within the US only, and US shipping cost is included in the listing price.

International guests can participate in one of two ways:
1) join as class-only for $50/person with a provided shopping list.
2) an Infusion bottle (only) can be shipped ahead of time directly to the event organizer in the US for $60/international guest, and the organizer can ship them to their international guests. These guests can pick up ingredients with the provided shopping list.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

- Bring the recommended alcohol/non-alcoholic substitute based on the type of cocktail which is going to be made.
- Hot Water/Tea Kettle handy for Simple Syrups/Teas
- Ice
- Jigger/Measuring cup for kits which do not have it included.

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This was such a neat event learning how to make teas and cocktails. It worked well with people across time zones since you could do cocktails or mocktails. I'm inspired to try more recipes! Thank you Sona!

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Very fun would recommend to anyone. Didnt know tea and alcohol could taste so good and be so refreshing!




Not sure if it was the way my company pitched it to us, but I was here for the non-alcoholic options and felt like in actuality it was geared for alcoholic cocktails. I also felt like the word "tea" was used in it's broader definition rather than more traditional "green" and "black" style. So ultimately I think it was a matter of expectations. That said, the botanicals are phenomenal, and I'm looking forward to using them for additional infusions. Would have loved additional culinary conversation like "Lavender is a x kind of flower so it pairs with something more basic and less acidic". A little more flavor concept than just mixing things to try them out. Super impressed that these were grown/sourced locally and organically - the quality of the ingredients were stellar!

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Really enjoyed this, and love the fact there are enough useful items & ingredients to use at home after the fact




Such a great class! Learned so much and loved all the different flavors - definitely recommend!!

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