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Throwback Field Day


New York City

In Person


Host a full-on Field Day for your group, just like in grade school! We’ll lead team-building games that will transport everyone back to summer camp! Typically hosted outdoors, Field Day allows us to break out the friendly competition and smiles for some classic childhood-inspired games!

Participants work with their teammates to achieve a common goal like winning a game of capture the flag, answering pop culture-related trivia games or solving puzzles. The activities are highly customizable and designed to fit all levels and age groups. We have dozens of game options, both physical and mental. It’s recess for everyone!


Throwback Field Day

5 to 500 people • 1.5 hr


Enjoy a series of curated old-school games for an afternoon of friendly competition and fun!


$720 minimum

meet at your location

How to join

This is an in-person event at your location. Your host will travel to your location and set everything up.


We can travel to your location within NYC for free, and the surrounding areas for a travel fee (~$500). We can identify a park or local venue near your desired location or office, and we will handle getting the permit if necessary!

We offer rescheduling and fallback options in the event of inclement weather.

What to bring

- comfortable clothes
- sneakers
- water bottle


We will follow all health and safety requirements for your company and location.

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Cancellation Policy


No cancellation allowed.

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