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Your team works hard. Pressures and responsibilities accumulate, sometimes to the point of burnout. "Unwind" uses modern hypnosis techniques to help team members disconnect, refresh their positive mindset, and address a topic of interest.

Everyone experiences hypnosis daily - we just don't refer to it by that name. When you get immersed in an activity, put distractions aside and lose track of time, you are experiencing that same natural state of mind. It is entirely safe and unlike what is portrayed in the movies.

We can cover a custom-selected topic in your event such as letting go of past stresses (very powerful), healthy living (physical activity, food), confidence, self-doubt, motivation and dozens more. Each topic is agreed ahead of time between you and the host. The benefits compound when experienced over multiple events, as participants become even more comfortable with hypnosis.

Event Timeline:
* Orientation about hypnosis (for new teams/participants)
* Hypnosis experience
* Brief sharing of experiences

Topics include:
- Working flexibly within a team
- Develop strong, healthy routines
- Fostering good sleep habits and sleeping soundly
- Relive a peak experience of your youth
- Enhance your confidence, speaking up for oneself
- Public speaking
- Taking on bold, new challenges

TIP: Wednesday Hump Days or Fridays work well to send people into their weekends with great relief.

Also check out the "Hypnosis Adventures" event run by this host.

All participants of this experience acknowledge that these hypnosis experiences are for entertainment and relaxation purposes only and are not therapy. Do not participate while operating a vehicle or doing anything that requires your close focus or attention.


Unwind with Hypnosis

Up to 200 people • 1 hr


Enjoy a brief intro about hypnosis followed by a refreshing, reinvigorating hypnosis experience, focused on a topic of your choice.


$750 minimum

no delivery involved

Delivery information

There is no delivery involved in this virtual event.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

Prepare to unwind:
- Do not use any stimulants or depressants within a few hours prior unless medically necessary; this includes caffeine and alcohol.
- Be in a private, comfortable space where you won't be interrupted. If you’re at home or even at the office, lock the door and ask others not to disturb you or put up a sign. Any pets should be kept outside the room. Multiple participants in the same physical room are fine.
- Settle into a couch or a comfortable chair, preferably with a head rest. Your bed is fine if you're okay with others seeing you there, but no pajamas!
- Be sure your device is fully charged, even better, plugged in. Video chat uses substantial battery power and you absolutely do not want to interrupt your experience.
- Headphones are recommended. Wireless headphones are even better, just be sure they are fully charged. Good speakers near you are also fine.
- A short walk or light exercise about an hour beforehand is useful to relax.

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I continually recommend to others to experience this and hypnosis. Loved it.



It was really fantastic. That's the most relaxed I think I've ever been.




Thank you. Such an amazing experience. Was awesome.

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