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Virtual Paint & Sips + Premium Art Kit Shipping

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The event was so fun! Our two event leaders — the artist and the facilitator/MC — did such a great job of walking us through the painting, creating a fun, lively atmosphere, and incorporating trivia and other things to keep the event interactive even over Zoom. I had a great time and I'm sure the other people on my team feel the same way.... and my painting came out surprisingly good!! (I'm not an artist, lol) Thanks again for a great event!



Silverback Strategies


Bring out the aspiring artist in you and learn to create a beautiful painting from a professional artist. With some drinks to go along and a paintbrush in your hand, you can have loads of fun catching up with your friends and colleagues while creating artwork that will serve as a keepsake to cherish these special moments.

An experienced artist will guide you through a painting giving step-by-step instructions.

We will send you all the resources and supplies you need to have a fun-filled Paint and Sip Night.

Returning to the office? No problem. If you would like to gather some of your team in one space and also have your remote members join you over zoom, we can help. We will ship all the supplies to your door or venue, the artist and your remote teammates can join you virtually over a big screen. It would be a fun and interactive experience for all.

Need a little extra time (15 minutes) before or after your event for icebreakers, intros, or extra team bonding? Let us know, and we can add this for you.

Please let us know if we need to record the event. Recordings are available only upon request.


Snowscape & Cocktail Mixers

Up to 200 people1 hour • Kit delivery


Paint a fun snowscape painting and make a cocktail or a mocktail with the artisan variety cocktail mixers we will send you.


includes shipping cost

Ugly Sweater Paint & Macaroons

Up to 200 people1 hour • Kit delivery


Celebrate the Holidays! Wear your UGLY sweater while you paint a winter landscape and savor some fancy macaroons.


includes shipping cost

Canvas & Champagne

Up to 200 people1.5 hours • Kit delivery


Create a fun Winter landscape while sipping Champagne to celebrate the holidays with your team.


includes shipping cost


Up to 200 people45 minutes


Sketching guided by a professional artist. Learn how to sketch a fun Peacock. All you need is plain white paper, pencils, and erasers. BYOB to make it more fun.

Class-only – there is no delivery involved in this option.


no delivery involved

Sketching with pencil kit

Up to 200 people1 hour • Kit delivery


This event includes a 17 piece sketching pencil kit delivery (pencils, standard and kneaded erasers, charcoal pencils & sticks, conte sticks, blending stick, dual barrel sharpener). All you need is plain paper.


includes shipping cost

Sketching & a Bottle of Wine

Up to 100 people1 hour • Kit delivery


All you need is plain white paper, pencils and erasers.

We will ship everyone a bottle of wine before the class. You can select white or red, or keep it a fun surprise.


includes shipping cost

Canvas & Sip (BYOB)

Up to 200 people1 hour • Kit delivery


We will ship all the art supplies you need (paints, brushes, canvas, etc). BYOB to make it more fun.


includes shipping cost

Canvas & Cocktail Mixers

Up to 200 people1 hour • Kit delivery


60 minutes of painting instruction from our artist, all art supplies, and a variety of artisan cocktail mixers (no alcohol shipped). Add your favorite liquor or Spritzer to make a Cocktail or a Mocktail.


includes shipping cost

Canvas & Cookies

Up to 200 people1 hour • Kit delivery


Bring out the aspiring artist in you while savoring artisan cookies and pastries. We will ship all the art supplies you need, plus a gourmet assortment of delicious pâtisseries -- creamy filled pastries and crispy cookies.


includes shipping cost

Monet & Merlot

Up to 100 people1.5 hours • Kit delivery


Make an impression! Experience a magical place and time in history and recreate Monet's world-famous Water Lilies as you savor a premium Merlot.

We will ship all art supplies and a bottle of premium Merlot.


includes shipping cost


For all package options except Sketching, we will ship an art kit with all the supplies you need (paint, brushes, canvas, etc.). The listing price includes U.S. shipping within the lower 48 states. 

International orders can only receive the art kit, and will cost an estimated additional $12-60 dollars in shipping per kit, depending on the country. Please leave at least 21 days lead time to ship international kits.
For all options with alcohol:
Due to state laws, we cannot ship alcohol to Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Utah, or South Dakota. Guests in those states (and anyone who needs a non-alcoholic option) will receive a dry kit with artisan mocktail/cocktail mixers (BYOB). Alaska and Hawaii will be an extra $10 in shipping per kit, because alcohol cannot be shipped via ground. All alcohol deliveries will require an adult signature as per state laws.

How to join

This is a virtual event.

A Zoom link is provided by default in your confirmation email, but you can use other video conferencing software if you prefer.

What to bring

- Paper towels
- Two plastic cups or containers with water to clean your brushes
- A drink of your choice or the wine or mixology kit that we ship you
- Plain white paper, pencils, and erasers for sketching options

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(104 reviews)




Amazing fun event. Very well organized :-)


Ling Ling

Gantry Systems, Inc.

Lots of fun and good direction! The host and painter were helpful and encouraging. Thanks!



Course Hero

This was such a great event, and my first-ever paint experience since childhood.

Our two facilitators were amazing! They guided us with easy to follow instructions, as well as fun conversations and trivia questions over the whole time. Thank you both!

In the end, I was happy like a kid with my final result. I've put my little masterpiece on a shelf, and it continues to make me smile every time I pass it :)



Course Hero

Great following along art painting and conversations, even when I was 20mins late due to a previous meeting. Would recommend to others.



Course Hero

This was a fun event that was approachable and relaxing. I was able to work on something that's very different from my day-to-day, and I would definitely do it again! The facilitators were enjoyable to learn from and work with.

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