3 Ways to Help Your Team Have Their Best Memorial Day

What's your office doing to celebrate Memorial Day? Treat your hard-working staff to a virtual team-building event.

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By the Offsyte Team, February 18, 2022

When was the last time your office hosted a team-building event? The pandemic has left an astonishing 94% of employees stressed out. The weight of the pandemic has forced many people to battle illness, adapt to new work environments, and remain socially distant from others. After a rough couple of years, treat your office to a virtual team-building event this Memorial Day.

With the unofficial start of summer around the corner, your team can pick from a variety of different virtual events that focus on:

1) Improve health and wellness with a virtual team building event

Health and wellness have been front and center lately, so arranging a class like Stress Busters In the Workplace, for example, could be a great way to ease the tension in the office. Educate your team on stress-reducing self-care techniques for use in and out of the office.

Looking for something more active? Try our yoga class? Consider letting your team experience a Health & Wellness event from the office or home on the Friday before Memorial Day. A certified yoga instructor will walk your staff through poses, meditation, and breathwork. Plus, every participant receives a wellness kit, which is shipped ahead of the class.

After yoga, you could host a light lunch, and even give employees the afternoon off to enjoy the long weekend.

2) Get in touch with your team’s artistic side

An artistic virtual team-building event is ideal for helping your staff unwind. While a creative event might not seem to align with a strict corporate structure, it can help employees feel inspired, optimistic, and more apt to explore new ideas.

Plan to clear the conference room for a virtual Paint and Sip, where employees follow instructions to paint on a canvas while sipping wine. All of the supplies needed are shipped right to the office or to your employee’s homes if you’re remote.

You could also try a Card Making Class or a Woodworking Workshop.

3) Host a magical, mysterious team event

Team building events have evolved beyond trust fall exercises. Today’s top companies rely on virtual team-building events that are so fun and engaging, that employees actually look forward to the next one.

Everything from scavenger hunts that take teams around town to ‘sales pitch events’ that mimic the hit show, Shark Tank, are part of the team-building culture now.

If you’re looking for one of these unique events, schedule Bullets on Broadway: A Murder Mystery Party. During this event, your team is tasked with finding a murderer - who could be anyone from your intern to the CEO.

For a magical event, consider an Interactive Digital Magic Show, hosted by a world-renowned magician. Your team will sit in wonder of some of the most impressive sleight-of-hand tricks in the industry.

As excitement rises for the arrival of summer, Memorial Day is the perfect time to host a virtual team-building event. Offsyte can help. We have dozens of hassle-free virtual events that you can schedule today.

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