5 Good Team Building Games for Remote Workers

Bring your colleagues together with these fun team-building games.

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By the Offsyte Team, December 14, 2022

Team building games are a great way to connect and motivate your remote workers. When you play team games, it builds a sense of community and helps bolster communication. Workers who feel connected are happier and more effective. If you have happy workers, they're also more likely to stay. Take some time and play some of these team-building games. You — and your team — will be happy you did.

Fun Team Building Games

Virtual Paint Party

Unleash your inner Bob Ross with a Virtual Paint Party. We offer a few variations of this classic team-building game: Paint Party BYO Supplies, Paint Party and Kit, Paint Party, Icebreakers and Kit and Pumpkin Paint Party and Kit. During this activity, an artist will guide your team through the painting process. If you choose the icebreaker option, the artist will sprinkle in games as the paintings are created.

Clay Sculpting

Everyone has the chance to get their hands dirty with the Clay Sculpting and Live Air Plants activity. For this team-building game, you'll receive special air dry clay, air plants and supplies to hang the clay pots once they're finished. The class is guided by a ceramics master, but you can always wing it and do your own thing with your clay. Be sure to follow up with your team down the line to see who has a green thumb and who doesn't.

Team Building Bingo

A great way to combine team building and fun is to play Team Building Bingo. This game takes a little bit of creativity and planning, but it pays off in the end. Prior to the meeting with your team, create a list of Bingo spots for the game. You want each spot to be an experience or something about someone. You'll want to include things you know some of your team have experienced or some things that describe them. You'll also want to include some spots that are way out of left field, just to keep things interesting. A couple examples of squares could be "Owns multiple cats," "Doesn't know how to swim," "Loves bacon more than life itself" and "Loves to binge Dawson's Creek." The funnier the categories are, the better. Laughter is a great way to bond with a team.

Guess the Baby Picture

Bond your team with a fun game of Guess The Baby Picture. As the name suggests, during Guess The Baby Picture, team members submit baby photos and then try to match the picture to the team member. This is a good, low-stakes team-building game because discussing the pictures will naturally bring out childhood stories.

Five Clicks Away

You've heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, right? Well, Five Clicks Away is a team-building game based on that. To play, your team will try to connect two Wikipedia pages that seem unrelated. The quickest team to connect the two Wiki pages wins.

More to Know About Team Building Games

What is considered a team-building game?

Team building games are competitions meant to bond with coworkers. They're fun and creative and typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or two.

What are some good team-building games?

The best team-building games keep fun at the forefront. While there are competitive aspects, you want your team-building game to be low-stress.

How team-building games can boost company culture?

Team building games are vital to any workplace because they build camaraderie between employees. These games also offer your team a chance to just relax, have fun and enjoy their coworkers.

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