5 Group Games to Play with Remote Workers

Give these fun virtual games a try to help build a strong connection with your team.

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By the Offsyte Team, December 12, 2022

A happy remote team is a better remote team. The more connected your remote workers feel, the more passionate they'll be about their roles. One of the best team-building activities is something we've all loved since we were kids: Games. Games bond us in ways that work does not. If you've been looking for a way to build your team's rapport, try these fun group games.

5 Fun Virtual Games to Play with Your Team

The Great Zoom Game Show

The Great Zoom Game Show is a fun Zoom group game that combines several different games into one. This virtual game can be played in groups of anywhere from four to 100. During the game, players will work in teams on creative challenges such as "Tallest Tower," "Team Pose," and "Zoom Scavenger Hunt."

The Great Zoom Game also incorporates icebreakers and other quick games. They're all engineered to break down barriers and encourage authentic connections between your team members.

Scene and Song Bingo

Scene and Song Bingo is a fun online game to play that places a new spin on traditional bingo. This game is hosted and features five Bingo variations:

  • Icebreaker Bingo — Get to know each other through fun icebreaker questions.
  • Movie Bingo — Match famous movie scenes with the scenes listed on your card.
  • Music Bingo — Bingo boxes will correspond to popular music snippets.
  • TV Bingo — Match TV genres with your boxes to win.

You can also do Winter Holiday Bingo if you feel like being timely. This group game is limited to 20 people, but just as fun.

Life Photo

Another fun virtual game to play with remote workers is Life Photo. As the name suggests, during this game, players each select a photo from their camera roll that best encapsulates their life. Maybe it's a photo of the Grand Canyon. Maybe it's a photo of kids or pets. Whatever the photo ends up being, it's an easy way for remote workers to feel more connected to each other, because while they show the photo the player explains why it sums up their life.

Virtual Scattergories

Scattergories is a true crowd-pleaser, so why not bring it to your virtual team meeting? You don't need the game board to play. All you need to get going is to select a group of categories and have one player select a letter to start. Here are some sample categories to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Cars
  • Accessories
  • Song titles
  • Things that are red
  • Pro sports teams
  • Movies

Once you have the categories and the letter selected, set a time for two minutes. Players must write down answers for the categories that begin with the selected letter. For example, if the category is Cars and the letter is T, you could write Tesla. Keep in mind that players cannot use the same answer twice. Also, if you have the same answer as another player, they cancel each other out.

A Professional Comedian Walks Into a Room

If you're looking to get the most laughs possible during your group game, try A Professional Comedian Walks Into a Room. In this game, your team will play along with a pro comedian in a variety of improv activities. There's improv Shark Tank, improv trivia and much more. And don't worry about any introverted team members, the comedian will get them talking and laughing in no time. The best part about this virtual game is it encourages silliness. No serious moments allowed.

More to Know About Fun Group Games

What are some fun virtual games to play in groups?

Any game that is interactive and encourages teamwork has the potential to be a fun virtual game to play in a group. Try virtual bingo or a hosted event, like A Professional Comedian Walks Into a Room.

Can you play virtual games with a small group?

You can play most virtual games with any group size. Offsyte has fun group games that can be played between just four people.

What are virtual team-building games?

Virtual team-building games are group games that help connect your coworkers. They build camaraderie and encourage teamwork. They're typically short in duration and are conducted via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms.

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