5 Minute Team Building Activities for Remote Workers

Learn more about your colleagues with these quick team-building ideas.

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By the Offsyte Team, December 30, 2022

If you want to have the best team, you need to do team-building activities. When your team feels connected to each other and the company overall, they're happier and more dedicated. There are all sorts of virtual team-building activities, but sometimes it's best to keep them short and sweet. Here are the best five-minute team-building games you can do on Zoom or any other video conferencing platform.

Guess Them

A fun way to get to know your team is to play Guess Them. This five-minute game requires just a little bit of prep work. Before the meeting, ask each team member to send one unique fact about themselves to you. Gather all the facts together and then ask each team member to guess which fact is about which person. This is a fast, fun way to get a glimpse into your coworkers' personalities.


Another five-minute team-building activity is QuizBreaker. The best part of this online trivia game is that you can play for free. Here's how it works: Ask your team to answer some of the more than 100 curated icebreaker questions (you can also create your own questions). Once the team starts answering questions, Quizbreaker will then send out quizzes to get your team guessing who answered which question.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell isn't just for kids. Sure, your team might think this is a bit silly at first, but trust us, they'll like it after they start playing. Ask a few on your team to present one or two items to the group at the start of each meeting. It can be whatever they want, from a pet to a paperweight. The fewer guidelines you impose, the more creative your team will be.

Draw Yourself

Channel your team's creative side with a quick game of Draw Yourself. During this team-building activity, you'll ask your players to draw a picture of themselves in one minute or less. After everyone is finished, go around and have everyone share their drawings. Unless there's a hidden artistic savant on your team, this game will get plenty of laughs.

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire is sort of like speed dating, only without the pressure of getting a phone number afterward. For this game, pair up team members and set a timer for between two and three minutes. If you can, try to combine people who don't often work together. After each person has had a chance to "date" every other team member, reconvene to see what interesting and fun things everyone learned about their team.

More to Know About 5-Minute Team Building Activities

Here are some common questions people have about five-minute team-building activities.

What are some quick team-building activities?

The quickest team-building activities are ones that aren't too complicated. Think rapid-fire questions, word associations and simple icebreaker questions.

What activities take five minutes?

Activities that take five minutes include short icebreaker games, like Show and Tell or Draw Yourself. You want games that move quickly and don't take too much effort to complete.

What should you do in a team-building activity?

The key to a good team-building activity is to get people talking. The more discussion, the more bonding there will be.

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