5 Unique Virtual Games to Play with Coworkers

A breakdown of the best online games to play with coworkers.

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By the Offsyte Team, December 12, 2022

If it seems like everyone uses Zoom for work, that's because they do. According to one report, Zoom usage ballooned by 470 percent in 2020. With so many of us using the platform, it makes sense to try and build it out so that Zoom isn't always associated with work meetings. That's where this list comes in handy. Let's take a look at the best Zoom games to play with your remote team.

The 5 Best Games to Play on Zoom

Team Trivia

Trivia is a classic virtual game, but Team Trivia comes with a twist: The questions and answers are all about your coworkers. To get started, you'll need to book a Team Trivia event. Once you're booked, your coworkers will answer some questions about themselves. The host will then use those answers to create the trivia prompts. The host will guide the gameplay the entire time — you can just sit back and enjoy the fun.

Team Trivia is a great Zoom game to use if you're looking to bond with new team members, because you're guaranteed to learn something interesting about everyone. The game can last up to one hour and have up to 30 participants, so if you have a large group, this is the Zoom game for you.

Ghosts of Craven Manor

Another fun, unique online game to play via Zoom is Ghosts of Craven Manor. In this game, your team will play ghosts who have terrorized a family and their home. You've all had lots of laughs, but now the family is fighting back — they've hired an exorcist to get rid of you once and for all.

During the game, your team will solve puzzles and interact with characters while trying to escape the house before the exorcist banishes you. This virtual game will have your team laughing throughout, because what's more ridiculous than acting like a ghost running from an exorcist? But don't just take our word for it, Ghosts of Craven Manor also won the Best Virtual Escape Game Bulls-Eye Award in 2020.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

You don't have to leave your house to have a scavenger hunt. A virtual scavenger hunt is as easy as asking your team to gather up items and then show them off on Zoom. Prior to the game, come up with a list of things your team should find. Here's a quick list of items your team could find for this virtual game:

  • The last book they read
  • A pet
  • Something that starts with the first letter of their first name
  • Something striped
  • A can opener
  • The first photo on their camera roll

Once everyone has the item list, set a timer and get them going. When the timer goes off, count the items each person found. The players each get one point per item, and whoever has the most points wins.

Virtual Animal Sanctuary Visit

Nothing puts a smile on faces quite like animals do. Inspire your team with a virtual visit to an animal sanctuary. Yes, this isn't exactly an online game to play with your coworkers, but trust us when we tell you it's a great time.

For this activity, your team will be virtually taken to an animal sanctuary in California. During the session, you'll meet cows, goats, pigs and more. You'll hear the animals' stories and why they arrived at the sanctuary. You'll also learn interesting facts about the animals, like how cows can hold grudges, goats can be taught their names and pigs can actually run quite fast.

Five Things

What better way to round out our list of the five best online games to play with your coworkers than with Five Things? In this game, one player starts things off by naming another player and a topic. Then the player who was named has 30 seconds to come up with five things that fall into the named topic.

Let's say the topic for Five Things was past presidents. The answers could be President Lincoln, President Obama, President Carter, President Bush and President Roosevelt. Once the person names the five things, they get to pick the next topic and player.

More to Know About Virtual Games

What virtual games can you play on Zoom?

You can play almost any game on Zoom, you just have to be a little creative. The best Zoom games are interactive, fun and low-stakes.

What online games can you play with coworkers?

The best online games to play with coworkers are simple and fun, but there's always room for outside-the-box thinking. A virtual visit to an animal sanctuary isn't technically an online game, but it's still a bonding, interesting experience for your team.

What are some fun virtual activities for work?

Fun virtual activities for work don't have to be about work at all. In fact, any activity that gets your team to interact and open up to each other is well worth your time.

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