6 Online Trivia Games Your Coworkers Will Actually Like

Looking for a fun trivia game to play with your team? Look no further, we have compiled the best online trivia games in this guide.

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By the Offsyte Team, December 14, 2022

There's no shortage of trivia games online. You can find hundreds, if not thousands, via a quick Google search. However, as you know from the number of The Walking Dead seasons, quantity does not equal quality. Your coworkers want to play fun trivia games, not just any trivia games.  

Lucky for you, we've sifted through the games and plucked out the six best. Play these games on Zoom or whatever video conferencing platform you use and your team will thank you. Here's the only list of online trivia games you'll ever need.

Online Trivia Games Worth Your Time

Battle of The Brains

Battle of The Brains is a trivia game hosted by professional actors and self-proclaimed trivia masters. What separates this online trivia game from all the rest is that it's centered on team building. There are prepared trivia rounds — like fast finger and fast riddle — but there is also the option of creating a round based on your company's history and values.


This app is great if you want to create your own virtual trivia game. Crowdpurr allows you to customize pretty much everything, from the style of rounds to the points system. You can select questions from the app's library or create and use your own. There's also a live scoring feature that lets everyone see how their score stacks up against their coworkers.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

This free online trivia game is based on the wildly popular game show helmed by Regis Philbin. What makes Who Wants to Be a Millionaire fun is that the questions get harder as the game goes on.

Mystery Trivia Night

Take a classic online trivia game, add two parts problem-solving and one part mystery theme, and you've got Mystery Trivia Night. Mystery Trivia Night takes online trivia games to the next level. Mystery rounds will ask your team to recognize patterns among all the answers in a round. The music rounds feature song covers and themed answers. In the puzzle round, your team will be asked to find connections that go deeper than surface-level information. Mystery Trivia Night is not just about what you know, it's about how you figure things out.


If you have movie lovers on your team — and chances are you do — they'll love PopcornTrivia. It's a free online trivia game that is focused solely on films. If your team ends up enjoying PopcornTrivia you can keep coming back for more, as new questions are added weekly.

Trivia With a Twist

Trivia With a Twist is another online trivia option that your team will love. The game features multiple variations and keeps you on your toes by constantly switching teammates. Another perk of Trivia With a Twist is that once you're finished playing, you'll be sent a highlight reel of the game for free.

More to Know About Online Trivia Games

What are online trivia games?

Online trivia games are games played via Zoom or any other video conferencing platform. You can play these games with friends, coworkers and more.

What trivia games can you play on Zoom?

You can play almost any virtual trivia game on Zoom. You just need to have everyone logged onto the same trivia site or using the same trivia app. If you opt to make your own trivia game, simply turn on Zoom and get started.

How do you make online trivia games engaging?

The key to making remote trivia fun is to keep the games short, sweet and interesting. Try different versions of trivia instead of just the standard version.

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