A DIY Boba Making Class For Your Office

Boba tea is climbing the popularity charts, so why not offer a boba making class in the office as a team building event? See how it works.

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By the Offsyte Team, April 19, 2022

Is boba in high demand?

This niche beverage is gaining popularity. Originally from Taiwan, the cold, milky tea beverage has slowly drifted overseas to the U.S. This trendy drink market was valued at $2.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by almost 9% by 2027.

With boba tea climbing the popularity charts, it presents a team building opportunity for the office. How? You can host a boba making class, where every employee makes, mixes, and tries their own boba tea.

Before we get into the specifics of your boba making class, let’s talk about what boba tea is.

What is boba tea?

Boba tea is a cold-served drink with a tea base, a milk or fruit flavor, and “bobas” - or edible pearls - in the drink. The boba sit at the bottom of the glass, but when they’re tipped into your mouth, they provide a chewy flavor burst that’s unique to this kind of tea. The flavors vary, from the more traditional tapioca boba to fruity flavors like strawberry.

Just like you customize your Starbucks order, you can do the same with boba tea. You can use a variety of different teas as the base, but black tea is the most common. You can use a number of different dairy products too, from basic milk to sweetened condensed milk. And, of course, there’s a whole line of boba flavors as well.

Boba tea is also known as bubble tea, pearl tea, bubble milk tea, and fruit pearl tea.

How can you host a boba making class for work?

You can gather all of the ingredients and equipment yourself and play DIY boba videos like this one, where you’ll make everything - including the boba pearls - yourself. Or, you can work with Offsyte to coordinate a hassle-free boba making class for your employees that’s led by a boba-making guru.

Gather the crew for Boba Coffee & Boba Tea, where barista duo Julian and Lorenzo explain what boba is, why it’s beneficial, and how to make your own. Boba tea kits are shipped to the office ahead of time, containing all of the ingredients you need. You simply pick a date and time and gather everyone in the conference room for the event. Or, if your employees work remotely, the boxes will be shipped to home addresses and participants can join from their home office.

If you want to add a lunch component to the event, consider Boba Milk Tea + Popcorn Chicken. During these virtual classes, you’ll not only mix a DIY boba tea, but you’ll also make a small meal to complement the drink. These classes work the same way. A chef will lead the virtual class and refer to pre-delivered kits to help your team make the food and beverage.

What are people saying about boba making classes?

All three of the team-building boba events listed above have high ratings from guests and rave reviews. The Boba Tea and Popcorn Chicken class, for example, has 4.96 stars out of five, with almost 300 people rating the class.

Big name companies like Google, Meta, and Salesforce have tried - and loved - these events.

Bob, from Google, left this review: “We had a great time at the Boba Tea & Popcorn chicken event! Everyone was engaged, the hosts were awesome, and the food turned out terrific! I got lots of kudos from the crew and asks about when we are doing this again so I would call that a smashing success. Thanks!”

Ready to book a DIY boba making class for your office? Reach to Offsyte to schedule your class today.

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