A magic show that blew everyone’s mind

Offsyte Story with Li Liu - founder of online jewelry marketplace Shinewith - on leading a remote company during shelter-in-place and how her team bonded over an interactive magic show.

A magic show that blew everyone’s mind

By the Offsyte Team, August 18, 2020

“Great quality show by the Chan fam! Our team loved it. During COVID, this event brings light during a challenging time. We can all use an entertaining event to put smiles on everyone’s faces!! Thanks Offsyte!”

A few weeks ago Li’s team bonded over our Interactive Digital Magic Show. We sat down with Li to hear her story of leading a remote company during shelter in place, and discussed the importance of bringing the teams together to share unique and fun team building experiences.

Q: Can you introduce yourself?

A: My name is Li and I am the founder of an online jewelry marketplace. We are a startup from San Francisco. We work with independent artist to create beautiful art. We’ve been around for about four years, and since COVID-19 hit our team has not been able to go out or work together in person. I was extremely pleased to find out that we could do online activities as a team.

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: I’m passionate about building culture in a business, and I love to do yoga in my free time.

Q: Can you share some interesting insights into building & leading a remote company?

A: Before COVID-19, we used to go out for happy hours and do online chats. My company was already remote; however, everyone had a good social circle which kept them busy, so we did not do many team building activities back in the day. Right now I feel like it’s almost a necessity to have online team building activities. That’s why I was trying to find an engaging and interactive online activity for our team.

Q: How was your recent Offsyte experience?

A: At the beginning I honestly didn’t have any expectations because we’ve never done this before. We picked a magic show that blew everyone’s mind! It was so great - very interactive and really personal to our team. I also really liked the fact that it was a private event so it made us feel special.

Q: As a CEO, why do you invest in team building activities?

A: Honestly speaking, I think it’s the most important thing outside of just focusing on our tasks and goals.

We are all human. We need time to relax and get to know each other.

A: From day one I have been thinking about how our team can bond better. Being able to gather together and share a unique experience together as a team makes our work easier and more enjoyable as well.

Q: Can you share one tip that has made your team work more effectively while sheltering at home?

A: Give each other space. Once we started quarantining at home, it felt like we were all working 24/7. If someone is off-line or not responding for a while, just know that they must be busy for some reason - taking care of their children or cooking. As work and life are inevitably blending together, it is important to keep boundaries and provide space for one another.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

A: When we were picking offsite events, we had our team members vote for their favorite ones. Everyone had different preferences. We’re planning on doing more later so that every team member’s preference is taken into account.

The ability to choose different virtual team building activities makes us feel like we actually could have a variety of fun things to look forward to - especially during shelter in place.

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