Offsyte 2023 Awards: Best Virtual Team Building Activities

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By the Offsyte Team, March 13, 2023

The best virtual team-building activities of 2023

In 2022, Offsyte hosted small and large virtual team-building activities across the globe. There was chocolate making and tasting. There was heaps and heaps of trivia. There were escape rooms galore. It was fantastic, and all part of Offsyte's mission to create a place that fosters team culture and provides effective bonding experiences with team members.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without our vendors, who are the magic behind each and every team-building event experience. To recognize all their hard work, Offsyte has created its first awards program, which spotlights three different categories such as:

  • Event of the Year
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Favorite

Each category highlights the best team-building events for that particular award which is based on several factors. Without further ado, here are the winners for 2023:

Event of the Year Winners

These winners kept customers engaged, had ultra-quick response times to bookings, maintained stellar customer service and had a high number of 5-star reviews.

Chocolate Candy Making Class

Chef Mike has candy-making classes down to a (fun) science. Its Virtual Chocolate Candy Making Class has more than 560 customer reviews and a 4.97-star ranking. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, try the in-person team-building activity that pairs chocolate making and wine tasting.

Suminagashi - Japanese Marbling

It's no surprise Suminagashi — Japanese Marbling was well received by our customers. This event has everything we love in a team-building activity — it's unique, fun and engaging.

Interactive Comedy and Magic Show

The host of Interactive Comedy and Magic Show brought magic and many laughs to this event. This team-building activity has a perfect 5.0 rating from customers, that's really good.

Cooking Classes with Professional Chefs

We have four cooking classes that customers absolutely love. Here's what one reviewer had to say about the activity Boba Milk Tea & Popcorn Chicken:

"We had the BEST time doing the Boba and crepes class. The chef instructors were energetic, personable, went at a great pace and made the whole experience very enjoyable. I would 10000000% do this class again!"

Other virtual team-building events hosted by the same vendor include Fusion Burgers - Katsu Burger & Lumpia Burger, Pork Ginger Jiaozi and Lumpia (Filipino Spring Rolls).

Art and Live Plants

Creator and maker, Julie, hosted several team-building events that caught our customer's eyes. From Ceramic Painting & Live Air Plants and Clay Sculpting & Live Air Plants to DIY Hanging Air Plant Pot, if you want an awesome crafting experience, look no further than these events.

Creative Designs

Customers enjoyed tapping into their creative side with our Virtual Tie-Dye Workshop and Chunky Knit Pillows team-building activities. Both classes have an amazing 4.96 rating from customers.

Customer Experience Winners

These winners stood out for their customer support. They were super responsive to customers and flexible with last-minute changes.

Mixology Class

This socially distanced mixology class has customers raving due to its stellar customer service. In just one example, the vendor sent an Instacart carrier loaded with necessary ingredients when there was an error with its kit. And they also sent a bottle of wine and flowers.

Virtual Game Show Extravaganza and More

Games and activities with this vendor have an ultra-quick response time when confirming bookings, which is always a good thing. This vendor offers several activities through Offsyte, all with 4.90 or higher ratings.

Succulent Planting

Our customers loved learning about plants and how to make them thrive in this succulent planting workshop. This host offers four virtual team-building activities, all based around succulent plants. This vendor offers superb communication and is always willing to work with you to make your event perfect.

Real Magic For Your Virtual Event

Customers raved about this particular magic show. And not only does the host, David, respond to bookings lightning quick — an average of about 35 minutes response time — he’s also an award-winning magician who used to work for Silicon Valley tech companies. Now that's unique.

Interactive Magic Show

This magic event with Dan is engaging, entertaining and interactive. Customers were blown away and surprised by Dan’s magic show. The activity has more than 50 reviews with a 4.98 rating. "Everyone really enjoyed the show and it was the highlight of our virtual holiday party! Can't wait to book again!" raved one reviewer.

Virtual Chocolate Tasting

This chocolate-tasting event will deepen your understanding and appreciation of chocolate. During its Virtual Chocolate Tasting team-building activity, you and your team will learn everything there is to know about chocolate while tasting some of the world's finest craft chocolate bars.

Customer Favorite Winners

These winners offered flawless customer support and either provided an engaging team-building experience or had a high number of 5-star reviews.

Team Trivia Mashup and More

Team Trivia Mashup is an absolute customer favorite along with other activities provided by the same host. Their collection of game and trivia activities have amazing reviews. Offsyte customers also pointed out how much they loved that this particular vendor circled back with them after the event to make sure the team had a good time.

Cocktail Party Murder Mystery Game and More

Our customers loved this murder mystery party game and other collections provided by this host. They especially appreciate how fun and engaging the events are. Here’s what one customer shared after the event:

“Really fun event for our remote team! The hosts handled everything, so all we needed to do was show up and enjoy. Thank you!!”

Virtual Visit to an Animal Sanctuary

This virtual tour will take you through an animal sanctuary in the heart of California’s wine country. This event has stellar reviews of its virtual and in-person team-building activities. Customers have pointed out how accommodating the vendor is when the weather is a factor for its in-person event.

How Offsyte Selected the Winners for Best Team Building Events

Offstye chose the 2023 winners by crunching the data on event experience, the average response rate on confirming an event, customer service and customer reviews. The activities that met the criteria for each category were selected as the winners.

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