14 Amazing Virtual Team Building Activities We Love In 2020

Stay connected with your co-workers while working miles apart

Photo by Corinne Kutz

By the team at Offsyte, July 08, 2020

2020 has taught us many things, one of which is how to better work remotely. It is more important than ever to actively make an effort to stay connected with your co-workers. When was the last time you asked your teammates how their weekend was? When was the last time you planned a casual virtual coffee break with someone? When was the last time you had a non-work related virtual team event?

Remote work makes these crucial social interactions harder and less frequent - especially in the face of Covid-19. Teams need to put in additional effort to make them happen.

Being a remote team ourselves, we love to discover virtual team offsites. They are a great way to connect with your co-workers beyond work, boost team morale, and — let’s be honest — they are so much fun!

Earlier this year we looked all over for virtual team building activities, virtual team building games, virtual offsites, and virtual happy hour ideas. We talked to many small businesses that offer highly-rated virtual team building activities and created a marketplace where you can easily discover, compare, and book them.

Here is a list of our top 14 amazing virtual team building activities for remote teams in 2020 (in no particular order).

  1. Interactive Digital Magic Show

Interactive Digital Magic Show

Dan Chan is an internationally renowned, award-winning magician whose magic has taken him all over the world. He brought his magic show online when the San Francisco Bay Area shelter-in-place order went into effect. Who doesn’t need a little bit of magic right now?

You can book Dan’s virtual magic show here — whether it’s a 15-minute magic show to kick off your team meeting or a 45-minute show with the entire Chan family!

  1. Social Distanced Mixology Class

Social Distanced Mixology Class

Do you miss all the Happy Hours after work? Do you want to learn how to make delicious cocktails yourself? The Cocktail Camp is a boutique mixology school in San Francisco. We will send you a very simple shopping list, and an instructor will guide your team through a lineup of altogether spirited cocktails over Zoom. Through this 1-hour virtual happy hour, everyone weaves their way through a series of cocktail-oriented trivia, tasks, and challenges as you wind down (and cheer up) over some mighty tasty home-made beverages.

Check out this Social Distanced Mixology Class here.

  1. Virtual Visit to an Animal Sanctuary

Virtual Visit to an Animal Sanctuary

This is for all you animal lovers! Charlie’s Acres is located in Sonoma, CA. They are dedicated to the care of rescued farm animals. You can now join them for a virtual visit to their sanctuary and meet a variety of rescued farm animals and hear their stories.

Your team will be aww’ing remotely for an entire hour. How can you say no to these cute animal faces?! You can book a group Virtual Visit to Charlie’s Acres here.

  1. No Bake Baking Class + Sangria

No Bake Baking Class + Sangria

Chef Traci was a private chef for many NBA players on the Golden State Warriors as well as professionals in the entertainment industry. As a teacher, she’s passionate about empowering people in the kitchen. Now you can learn how to make yummy and simple desserts together with your team from the comfort of your own kitchen. And you don’t even need to turn on the oven!

You can find this Virtual No Bake Baking Class here.

  1. Virtual Ramen Class + Sake Tasting

Virtual Ramen Class + Sake Tasting

Even though we’re sheltering-in-place, you can still enjoy fresh ramen noodles! The Story of Ramen offers a unique hands-on interactive dining experience through their cooking classes. The ramen noodles are made from scratch daily in their kitchen in the Mission, San Francisco. We can ship the ramen kit anywhere within the U.S. — yummy! Did we mention you can also taste-test four different sakes? Learn the best ramen recipe tonkotsu with your team and how to make ramen noodles in general.

You can book this delicious Virtual Ramen Class here.

  1. The Experience of Magic

The Experience of Magic

Another award-winning magician we love is David Martinez. David is specialized in astonishing magic with everyday objects. Give your coworkers an experience they can’t get anywhere else by bringing magic to your next online event! Add some surprise fun to a weekly team meeting, reward your group at the end of a long week, or invite family and friends to make it a big event.

You can book this Virtual Magic Show here.

  1. Meditation & Stress Management Class

Meditation & Stress Management Class

2020 has been flat-out stressful. Why not bring your team together and take an Online Meditation & Stress Management Class hosted by Tribe SF? Learn the basics of meditation and stress management together with your team over Zoom. Bring stress-relief, meditation, and balance to your team as you learn how to improve your health and happiness inside the office.

You can book their Virtual Meditation & Stress Management Class here.

  1. Virtual Graffiti Workshop

Virtual Graffiti Workshop

In this epic virtual graffiti workshop, your team will be led step-by-step by our expert graffiti artist teachers from 1AM through Zoom. Each guest will receive everything they need to create their own 12” x 12” graffiti letter piece. In addition to the hands-on creating, you will learn all about the vibrant graffiti culture and participate in an authentic Q&A discussion. Shipping is available throughout the US.

You can book this creative Virtual Graffiti Workshop right here.

  1. Creative Confidence Workshop

Creative Confidence Workshop

While sheltering at home, the ability to be creative is more important than ever. It’s the foundation of any innovative team and a key to great mental health, resilience, and strong relationships.

In this workshop hosted by Woodthumb, we will send every team member a creativity kit before the class. Inside the box, you will find a curated selection of wood pieces, hardware, adhesives, and other secret materials designed to get your creative juices flowing! Delivery is available worldwide.

  1. Amazing CyberSpace Race

Amazing CyberSpace Race

This Amazing Cyberspace Race gives your team an opportunity to explore famous cities & landmarks around the world from the comfort of your home using Zoom and Google Maps street view! Teams will race against one another to solve clues that take you across the globe.

Ready to race? Book this super fun virtual team building game here.

  1. Escape the Zoom

Escape the Zoom

Are you a huge escape room fan like us? This virtual escape game is a customizable puzzle game. Your team might have to call a phone number… that leads them to a website… that leads them to an Instagram post… that leads them to an email address… you get the idea! It’s loads of fun.

In this game, your team role-plays as a group of detectives hired by a client who has been kidnapped and locked inside a room. The client (your host) has some information and locked boxes - you must tell them how to escape the room!

Read more about this fun virtual escape game right here.

  1. Group Fitness + Fit Kit Delivery

Group Fitness + Fit Kit Delivery

Get your team active and eliminate any stress or tension that may be getting in the way of being productivity superstars!

This group fitness workout is hosted by E3 Fit — it even includes a curated Fit Kit to compliment your experience. The kit includes fitness equipment, recovery tools, and a sweat towel to create a truly unique workout. It can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Try out this unique team workout class here. All fitness levels are welcome.

  1. Virtual Pottery Team Event

Virtual Pottery Team Event

Clayroom SF is a pottery and woodworking studio in San Francisco. They have beautiful studios for hosting in-person team building classes. Now, they’ve brought their business online. How does remote pottery class even work, you ask? It’s easy! Everyone in your group will get a shipment of Speckled Buff clay, and a new clay tool kit - including ribs, a sponge, needle tool, wire tools, and more - before the virtual class. What better way to bond with your teams remotely than getting your hands dirty?

You can book this virtual pottery class here.

  1. Guided Beer & Cider Tasting

Guided Beer & Cider Tasting

This is not your ordinary beer tasting. In this virtual tasting class, you will learn the basics of brewing processes, discuss beer styles, play some beer trivia, and have a blast as a team. Oh, right… you will also sample 6 different beers!

Check out this guided beer and cider tasting class here.

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