5 Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building

Want to encourage cooperation, build communication skills, and fuel a positive work environment? Try one of these five virtual escape rooms for team building.

5 Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Team Building

By the Offsyte Team, May 26, 2022

Have you been to an escape room? Introduced to the U.S. in 2012, teams look for clues and solve puzzles together in order to “escape” a room. The industry really picked up steam in 2019. A survey shows 68% of people went to an escape room at least once in 2019.

Escape rooms aren’t just a fun date night, the corporate world now uses virtual escape rooms for team building exercises.

To encourage cooperation, build communication skills, and fuel a positive work environment, a virtual escape room is an original, engaging option.

What do you do in a virtual escape room?

In a virtual escape room, your team meets online to solve a mystery together. Often hosted by a costumed character, teams are told a story, given clues to interpret, and puzzles to solve. Only by working together can they decode the mystery and “escape” from the virtual room.

How do you create a virtual escape room?

To create a DIY escape room, you need the following components:

  • Video conferencing software like Zoom.
  • A good story to base the game around.
  • Several different kinds of puzzles that teams can solve.
  • A satisfying and logical solution to the puzzles and story.

In truth, creating an online escape game from scratch is challenging. If you’re strapped for time, you can reach out to a virtual team building coordinator like Offsyte. You simply pick from a variety of different escape room themes, set a date and time, and the game is all mapped out and hosted for you.

What are the best virtual escape rooms for team building?

If you think your office would enjoy an escape room, take a look at these online events:

Escape the Zoom

With a fun play on the ever-growing Zoom culture, this escape game requires teams to follow a string of clues left by a kidnapped boss. Only by solving puzzles and opening locked boxes can you rescue him.

Shackleton’s Great Escape From Antarctica - A Virtual Team Building Challenge

Loosely based on Shackleton's journey to the area in 1914, your team must help the explorer survive the conditions. This one-hour journey of twists and turns has multiple hosts to create an immersive, fast-paced escape game.

Space Defenders Collaborative Escape Room

In this other-worldly game, your team acts as protectors of the universe empowered by ancient crystals. When an alien criminal steals these crystals, it’s up to the Space Defenders to find and reclaim them.

Fear The Yoki - A Chilling Escape Room

Your team must work together to stop a monstrous creature, known as a yoki, from destroying a rural community in Japan. The 60-minute event encourages teamwork and is great for teams of up to 100 people.

Ghosts of Craven Manor

You and your family of ghosts took up residence in Craven Manor, scared the locals, made socks disappear, and messed with teenagers. But now the neighbors have had enough, and hired an exorcist. Play with your team and stop the exorcist from vanquishing your ghostly group.

Ready to plan a virtual escape event in your office? Reach out today.

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