6 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month With Your Team

June is Pride Month. Is your office ready to celebrate? We’ve got six ideas that any office can use to recognize the LGBTQ+ community.

6 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month With Your Team

By the Offsyte Team, June 4, 2022

June is Pride Month. Is your office ready to celebrate? You can recognize the LGBTQ+ community by ordering some swag, donating to local charity, or hosting a Pride-themed event with your team. We’ve got some hassle-free ideas to inspire your celebrations.

But, first, let’s look at what Pride month is.

What is Pride Month?

Pride Month is celebrated every June as a way to honor and recognize members of the LGBTQ+ community. Why June? The month is significant. In June 1969, the Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan marked a turning point in the Gay Liberation movement, which is why Pride Month occurs in June.

How can you celebrate Pride Month as a company?

  1. Consider buying a little swag
  2. Opt for rainbow Zoom background
  3. Give your social channels a pride makeover
  4. Expand your training
  5. Donate to an LGBTQ+ charity
  6. Host a virtual pride-themed team building event

Consider buying a little swag

Buy branded rainbow keychains, give away tie-dyed t-shirts, or buy some colorful decor for the lunchroom.

Opt for a new Zoom background

If your team relies on virtual meetings, swap out your usual Zoom background for one that’s supportive of Pride Month.

Give your social channels a pride makeover

You can make a simple, supportive gesture by adding a rainbow to your Facebook banner or schedule several Pride Month posts.

Expand your training

Show your employees that inclusion and diversity matters by scheduling additional training for your team.

Find an LGBTQ+ organization in your community and donate time or money to the cause.

Host a Virtual Pride-Themed Team Building Event

You can help build an inclusive, community-oriented work culture by hosting a team building event. These specific events are the perfect fit for Pride Month:

1) Pride Trivia

Bring the team together for Pride Trivia. With energetic hosts, your team will compete in three rounds of trivia: Creative picture round, music round, and double-point round. You can tailor the trivia categories to your team too, with more than 250 rounds to choose from. The event is hosted by an LGBTQ+ business out of Brooklyn, NY.

2) Stress Busters in the Workplace

Is your team feeling a little burnt out? Stress Busters in the Workplace can help. This hour-long class provides touch-based self-care techniques that employees can use in the office and at home. Run by an LGBTQ+ owned business, this workshop promotes self-care, meditation, and building connections with coworkers.

3) Drama at Drag Brunch: The Slaying of the Sequin Sisters

Looking for a team building activity that’s interactive, fun, and truly unique? How about a murder mystery set a drag show? Drama at Drag Brunch: The Slaying of the Sequin Sisters tasks your team with finding the Sequin Sisters’ murderer. With a festive story, plot twists, and clues to follow, every employee has a role to play to solve the crime.

4) Virtual Tie-Dye Workshop

Celebrate Pride Month with a Virtual Tie-Dye Workshop. Each employee receives a pre-shipped kit of materials, including dyes, gloves, a t-shirt, and a tablecloth. On the day of the event, employees simply click a Zoom link to join the class where they’re guided through several fabric-dyeing techniques.

5) Explore Japan with a Virtual Sake Tasting!

Plan an afterwork party where your team gets to unwind, socialize, and Explore Japan with a Virtual Sake Tasting. Hosted by a Sake Sommelier, most people are surprised at the different types and tastes of sake. As an LGBTQ+ owned business, it’s a great way to celebrate Pride Month while enriching the team.

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